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  1. Just now, Max Tsukino said:

    our codes are no different nor special...

    Issues have been reported... keep trying and have patience. Use a different browser and/or the app

    I was half-kidding on that.  But if you have a full 4 tickets available on your code seems to make all the difference.  Will keep trying, and will try again tomorrow during the next presale.  Thanks for working to try and fix it with Ticketmaster.

  2. TM told me all they could tell was that maybe the allotted tickets were gone.  I let them know it seemed to be a widespread issue and the U2.com people were working on it. Really hope this can be corrected before the next presale tomorrow!  But that just means less GAs available for the Wire group, since we Red Hill peeps will try and snatch them up at the same time.

    If it can be fixed before then, hopefully people will have luck, as there must still be allotted tickets left, since apparently hardly anyone got them!

  3. 2 minutes ago, bela71385 said:

    Hi all! I have a friend that works with TM in Minneapolis. They checked into my code to see why I couldn't buy tickets. They said I reached my 2-ticket limit when I purchased tickets for Chicago. Apparently they were told codes had a 2-ticket limit instead of 4 tickets. That's why I'm only able to purchase VIP Packages. On the phone to U2.com to see what's up.

    Wow, that's crazy. Especially since it seems to be happening in multiple cities.

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