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  1. Hi everyone. Does anyone know if we get another presale code if additional dates are announced?
  2. The 6th in the Me & U2 series, Sandro Olivo catches up with Paul McNaught who can usually be seen wearing a U2 T-shirt outside of work hours. This is a fan in the true sense of the word. Hope you all enjoy these interviews as much as I do putting them together. Have always marvelled at the passion of U2 fans, and being able to do this just reaffirms what a great bunch we are. https://u2downunder.wordpress.com/2016/05/30/me-u2-paul-mcnaught/
  3. U2 Australia's latest Me & U2 interview. Peter Nigido, probably the only U2 fan in grade 3. https://u2downunder.wordpress.com/2016/04/27/me-u2-peter-nigido/
  4. This interview includes the world-wide debut of Slow Dancing, which was still a work in progress at the time. This is a great record of U2 when they were in Australia in 1989. https://u2downunder.wordpress.com/2016/03/11/u2-triple-m-full-interview-october-21-1989/
  5. My pleasure Malahide. U2 fans have some great stories to tell. I really love sharing them with other fans.
  6. U2 Australia interviews U2 fan Anissa Arthur about what it's like to be Bono's neighbour. Read the interview here: https://u2downunder.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/me-u2-anissa-arthur/
  7. Hey Sarahaus....my tickets from the U2.com presale for Melb 1 came on Wednesday (September 8). Tickets from Live Nation presale for Melb 2 came on Friday. I ordered express post for them. Now very relieved they have arrived...no more stressing until the gigs arrive. Hope yours come soon.
  8. Just wondering...will there be issues if people use the Live Nation presale, even if they aren't Live Nation members? I see the password has been given out in this forum, meaning anyone can jump online now and get tix without being a LN member...
  9. yeah, and although there's still tickets available for Melb 1, they are only single tickets, so could be hard to sell cause who's going to buy just one ticket to go on their own? Just the downside of selling tickets so quickly you don't get a chance to request exactly where to sit any more. I'm sure they'll sell a second show for Melbourne, even if the single seats don't get sold....would still be considered a sell out.
  10. here's my theory on why Melb 2 hasn't been announced. It gives the promoter a few days to promote through newspaper ads and TV that a second show is on sale. Perth 2 went on sale cause they haven't played there in years, so U2 fever is huge in Perth. Plus, Subiaco Oval is a lot smaller than Etihad Stadium..... That said, still keep an eye on ticketmaster.com.au as this is only a theory and i could be grossly wrong
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