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  1. Hi friends, I have one GA for sale for Saturday Chicago1. Face value, $91. Please note, its credit card entry and I'll be there, we can enter together, but I won't be arriving to the venue until 6pm or so (I won't be there for early line-up). Jean
  2. @bonowall you are a U2 Angel!! Will message you now!! High-five, Jean
  3. I have 2 GA for Chicago1; I'd love to trade for SF/ Levi Stadium! Thanks, Jean
  4. Hi friends, I am looking for 2 seats or GA to Levi in Santa Clara! Going to a good home- true fan trying to bring two friends in for a once-in-a-lifetime show... Thanks so much/ Jean
  5. Hi @Theedge, I have a GA ticket for you! LA, Saturday. Send me a message!
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