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  1. Glad to see you alive and well in Cyberland.. hope to catch you in Nashville or Atlanta... miss you man... it's not the same.

  2. It was the Joshua Tree Tour, and I had never seen U2; even though I am the boys same age. In college I was spinning (Vinyl back then my Verti-babies) ''Boy' and 'War' on the college radio station at Iowa State University. Into U2, long before anyone I knew, knew who U2 were. They are my band, they belong to my youth. So flash forward, here I am lined up at the only ticketmaster outlet in Colorado Springs, Colorado at 6:00 am in the morning. I have yet to learn, that Denver is where I should drive to find the shorter lines into the legendary concerts. So I wait for hours and hours; I make it just to the door when I learn that BOTH shows in Denver have sold out; I am shut down, 6 hours waiting for nothing. So young, so innocent, so green (ok 26 years!), so much to learn about getting into shows. I missed that "Show of Innocence", that's right the Denver show I missed was featured in Rattle and Hum, and I was shut down. I did not just miss a show, I missed a legendary moment of U2 history; captured forever on film. "Fuck the film, and on with the show" as Bono said when he was at that show in Denver.... Flash forward, it is the U2 360 Tour... I am an older and wiser fan. I have been hitting U2 shows in Denver, Oakland, Boston, New York, Vancouver, recording them in 360 with my 3D GoPro kit (what memories!) I am on fire! Nine "Shows of Experience" in 360. The finale is seeing "Spider Man Turn off the Dark" on Broadway. I meet/ talk to Reeve Carney after the play; he tells me he will be opening the final U2 show in Moncton, New Brunswick Canada. I am stoked, as I have managed to get tickets for this final show, and it is only days away... I am over the moon, thinking.. hmmm this is gonna be great, U2's final performance in 360 in an area of the world they have never played; a magnetic venue with Arcade Fire, I am truly on fire! I finally will have that legendary show I missed in Denver! All will be right in my U2 world! I fly into Nova Scotia, and I have yet another legendary U2 show snatched from victory and into the jaws of my U2 defeat. I am unaware of the legal differences in Canada and the states around a DUI conviction I have. I am turned away at the border; I am in utter horror and disbelief. This cannot be happening again! Not this many years later! I share this story to convey the passion and commitment to U2; they share my generation, my music (we like the same artists growing up), my world view. I have so many memories (young and old) burned into my mind, that they are part of my family; my human family. I cannot not imagine my world without U2, but I remember what John Lennon said -> "I don't believe in Beatles, I don't believe in Jesus, I don't believe in Hitler... I just believe in me... Yoko and me, that is reality!" So I keep it real.. U2 have their lives and I have mine (I don't believe in U2); but the world is a better place because they are in it. We all need to make the world a better place because we are in it. This band helps me want to be the person I should be (I want to dream of the world I want to live in, I want to dream out loud. I'm more than you know, I am not Invisible!). The attached scan (in the old days there was no Instagram) shows the post card (Of course it was a U2 post card; Wide Awake In America!) I sent to my sister (also a huge U2 fan) when I was "shut down" for the Joshua Tree show in Denver back in 1987... this is my Songs Of Innocence lost. Hopefully this postcard I have held on to from the past helps all who read this story, believe in my commitment to this group of four committed people. That what I have written here, happened in my real world, my real life experience. It is not just made up for entertainment and amusement in this newly evolving virtual world that we all play in today. Will the U2 Gods smile on me in this contest? Whether yes, or whether no... Love is All, All is Love. Mooner, Mooner, Mooner.... [attachment=1974:U2 Postcard_Message.JPG]
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