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  1. Quite awhile ago I messaged a community moderator (and now I’ve forgotten which one! -sorry!) about the fake Bono& Edge links & phone numbers that I had found, no one responded so I’m wondering if anyone actually received my message.
  2. Re: “Reality Bites” - Thanks for posting this video! ‘Didn’t know it existed!!
  3. I agree that “Raised By Wolves” is terrific in this download! It’s wild, it’s great! However, this “Summer of Love”? - I’m absolutely sure I’ve heard Bono sing this better, but I Love the song, ‘Love Bono, and Thank you U2 for making heartfelt, thoughtful songs, you amazing humans!
  4. You know you can at least call the police where you live to report the threat. Ask the police what you should do. You should also contact the FBI. Don’t ignore the threat.
  5. From what I’ve seen, that JT tour screen was was way beyond awesome!! I wish I’d seen that tour....
  6. There are also fake accounts on gmail and “hangouts “... with “real”-sounding conversations, sometimes using different names such as “David Howell Adams”. Will pm moderator when I get info together.
  7. Then why was it just announced that Noel Gallagher will be U2’s opening??
  8. Fantastic!! Wonderful clips of a Lot of fans! Now I’m wondering who they all are!! Thank you for making & sharing this!!💓
  9. Is anyone presently broadcasting on Periscope????!!! ‘Keeps fading out...
  10. It would be nice, but there is so much truth about U2 that we never hear. We’re just supposed to accept whatever they officially say about song origins. They are Very careful about their songs.
  11. Heather, ‘was so sorry to see your letter here regarding not being able to go to the show. I hope you’ll be feeling better very soon. ?. I’ll be trying to watch from the US, that is if anyone is able to broadcast the show on Periscope or else hopefully listen in on Mixlr. Is that a possibility for you too? Take care, I hope you get to a show in the future.✌??
  12. I agree with you! It’s nice they give a gift, but I don’t have a record player and don’t plan on getting one. If they had just offered free downloads then more people would be thrilled to receive the subscription gift. Cool covers on the records though!... and I don’t even know anyone who has a record player!! -sorry
  13. Is there any chance of a Periscope broadcast??
  14. I loved today’s show- at times it seemed they changed song arrangements like on New Year’s Day, and a few times Bono adlibbed a few lines during songs- but unfortunately I couldn’t quite hear what he was saying- - another reason to try like heck to get to see these shows in person! Thank you whoever broadcasted on Periscope- your patient work thrilled a Lot of people!!?
  15. Max, I hope you have a Great time!! ... if Anyone is broadcasting the Berlin show today via Periscope, could you see if you could post whether they are? and any links?? Thank you for your posts!!???
    I’m still wishing/ deciding/ ?
  16. Well, I believe that ‘mace cans’ ( a spray for self protection) actually contain hot pepper spray- it causes a burning sensation on the perpetrator’s skin or eyes but doesn’t cause permanent injury- (if it’s removed with water in a timely way). ‘Sorry if if I sound know-it-all-ish... I hate know-it-all’s!!!!!
  17. Max!! Thank you for being so quick to the rescue with how to connect with the audio taps- it was great to just hear them after trying & failing to connect with any Periscope broadcasts. Thank you for your patience!
  18. Thank you for the links to audio broadcasts! So very nice & patient of you! Towards the end someone was able to scope most of One and City of Blinding Lights- that was a joy to see!! Thanks again!
  19. Desperately seeking scopes at Mohegan Sun!! The buffering is terrible but please! Someone! Try to broadcast what u can!!!! Please??
  20. ‘WISH I could go! Good luck to all who Are, and hope someone will be ‘scoping!!
  21. Even after all that (and I know I’m not the only one going through all these emotions)... Now I think I’d still like to get to the show in CT!!! ... I’m a very bad Bonoholic!
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