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  1. I received my tickets for the first concert last week. I didn't get an e-mail beforehand, despite the fact that when ordering I think it was stated there would be one. However, what I have to say was kind of strange: on the outside of the envelope, on the address sticker, it clearly said "U2 tickets". And there was another line somewhere with something like "U2 Experience + Innocence". So anyone handling the envelopes would have known what was inside and THAT I think is really dangerous. Not everyone, unfortunately, is honest.
  2. Red Zone for me as well. And I feel almost obscenely lucky when it comes to that (considering all the people who missed out), as I had to get 2 tickets in different transactions - I got 1 RZ ticket straight at 9a.m. on the first day of the presale, thinking I would be going on my own. Then, during the weekend, my mum finally decided she would like to come along, so without high hopes at all I sat down for the public sale on Monday morning and straight away was successful for a second one. Really couldn't believe my luck, but of course I'm absolutely excited!
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