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    Massey Hall, December 1984
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  1. cinesonic

    19311923320 20984729f6 O

    Can't wait for Saturday night in NYC, still can't figure out where to stand too many options!
  2. cinesonic

    who's going Sat. July 18th besides me? (Mad Sq Garden)

    I'll be there too, can't wait! Still trying to track down a ticket for Sunday night!
  3. cinesonic

    19311923320 20984729f6 O

    No Bono pulled her up on stage!
  4. cinesonic

    denver june15

    What an awesome shot! Love it.
  5. cinesonic

    19311923320 20984729f6 O

    A fan, she was up on stage 10 years ago as well, hah!
  6. cinesonic

    U2 Toronto 2