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  1. 45 110 evening all on this very wet Friday night. Another busy week at work,glad it's Friday. Hope all is,good with everyone, my hospital appointment last Sunday went well,just got to wait to find out what,s next.
  2. 45 101 evening all,end of another week,time is going way to fast.its been another busy week at work, Hope all is good with everyone,I have to go for another hospital appointment on Sunday,I didn't know they had appointments on Sundays so it's,not going to be a very good weekend.
  3. 46 095.afternoon all and happy Saturday. Hope all is good with everyone, I've had 2 days holiday this week which has been nice,had an overnight stay in a 900 year old pub in Wales, but came home to some very disappointing news,I was going to Dublin for 4 days,in Octoberwith a friend but now he can't afford it so has had to cancel on me.was really looking forward to it but now no holiday for me again this year.
  4. 45 077 my dog is already short haired Padawanbeck84 so I don't think I could shave any off.
  5. 45 074 Very warm Tuesday afternoon counting, it's been so hot at work today and I don't think it's going to cool much tonight, much as I love the hot weather it's so hard trying to sleep, and it's not good for my dog,
  6. 45 064 wet Saturday afternoon counting.
  7. 45 050.evening all,am so glad it's Friday, am so tired after a really busy week at work,but I do still enjoy my job which can't be a bad thing. Hope you all have a good weekend in whatever you are doing.
  8. 45 033.afternoon all hope all is,good with everyone Did my 5k race for life today.i know I'm not that fit and it was quite warm but managed 41.09 so quite happy with that.🙂🙂
  9. 45 032.thank you Padawanbeck84. 🙂🙂
  10. 45 030.evening all.hope all is good with everyone. Tomorrow I will be doing my 8th race for life,I know this year I've not been able to concentrate on my fitness as had some health issues, but I know I can walk the distance without a problem.
  11. 45 010 Friday night counting. 🙂🙂
  12. 45 007.Thank you Padawanbeck84. I'm getting there.x
  13. 45 005 afternoon all. Not been around much recently as been having some medical issues which has been quite stressful but I think I'm almost back on track now. Hope all is good with everyone. 🙂🙂
  14. 44 939.evening all not been in for a few days. Today at work had a little bit of an issue with another member of staff she is only young and thinks she knows it all and because the boss is her Aunt she gets away with not doing much work so I feel if I say anything it will open up a massive can of worms. Hope all is good with everyone.
  15. 44 922.afternoon all.not been in for a few days as just been so busy. Today we have been on another Easter charity bike run.delivering toys.eggs and games to special needs children.its been a good day just a bit cold on the bike.
  16. 44900 afternoon all and happy Easter weekend and 4 days off not that I am going anywhere but at least the weather is looking good.
  17. 44 894. Just a quick look in as not been in for a few days.just got home from a 40th anniversary party. It's been a really good night with good friends and good music. Hope all is good with everyone. 🙂🙂🙂
  18. 44 881 afternoon all and happy Saturday. Not been in for a few days.hope all is ok with everyone.
  19. 44 866. Afternoon all and Happy Saturday. 🙂🙂
  20. 44 842 afternoon all on this wet and very windy Saturday. Have been out today and had a catch up with my mate who went to Manchester with so lots of u2 memories.🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
  21. 44 825 evening all. Still feeling tired as not been sleeping to well with this cough keeping me awake at night. Hope all is good with everyone.🙂
  22. 44 819 evening all after another busy work week.feeling so tired.
  23. 44809 evening all. It's been a beautiful sunny day here today shame I was at work till 3.
  24. 44 802 afternoon all and happy Saturday. It's been quite a nice sunny day today hope its the same tomorrow .🌞🌞🌞
  25. 44 783.afternoon all and happy Saturday. Feeling a bit crap today am full of cold 🙁🙁🙁
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