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  1. I got Larry's drum sticks and I still can't believe this...
  2. I got a problem with the pre-sale in Brazil. I used my WIRES code once for ONE ticket and now appears as INVALID. FAQ says in Brazil it's allowed to use in more than one transaction.
  3. Nanazoca

    U2 Tattoos

    My tattoos
  4. 'WHERE IN THE WORLD IS U22?' It´s in Brazil!!!
  5. Nanazoca


    A friend of mine said: "I never saw a good wallpaper of I will Follow, why don´t u create one?" I though it was a great idea and I knew that it was very hard to create cause the videoclip is too old and doesn´t have a good quality...but I got it and "I Will Follow" now has an wallpaper!
  6. Smoke Squadron is the Brazilian Air Force's air demonstration squadron.
  7. Nanazoca

    U2 360 IN BRAZIL

    We want U2 360° in Brazil!!!
  8. Nanazoca

    Mysterious Ways

    He moves in mysterious ways!
  9. Nanazoca

    Bono Vertigo
  10. Nanazoca


    U2 Vertigo Tour - Brasil
  11. Nanazoca


    Happy birthday Bono!! It´s a gift from Brazil!! We love u so much!!!!
  12. Nanazoca


    This one is one of my favorites!! Happy birthday Bono!! Brazil loves you so!!