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  1. [quote name=' loocarmen wrote: Nniixx wrote: sarahaus']For anyone who selected 'post' as a delivery method, can you post when you get your tickets. I got my tickets over a week ago and considering you pay $18 as a transaction fee, I hope ticketek get thier act together and send out the tickets quickly. The single ticket I purchased for my brother using my wife's Ticketek account and Credit Card arrived yesterday, 13th Sep so 10 days from the date of public sale. She commented that she was surprised it was in just a plain white envelope and not what she would have expected for the $19.30 fee. Still waiting on the 4 tickets purchased using my account and CC. I got the tickets I purchased via the U2.com presale yesterday too, yet to receive those I got from the livenation presale. I e-mailed them before, they said could take up to early october I purchased mine to the first Brisbane Concert during the first presale on Aug 26 through Ticketek. There was only 2 options....Box Office pickup or regular mail, which surprised me as in the past there has been a registered mail option which is much more secure. Ticketek still mentions it when you click on links attached to the confirmation email, however it just wasn't there as an option for these concerts. With difficulty getting to the Box Office to collect I chose the $18 regular mail option. I also noted it said that presale tickets would not be sent out until the public sale started on Sept 3, which was 11 days ago yesterday (Sept 14). I was getting a bit concerned so sent them an email last night. I got a reply today stating the tickets had been mailed out during the day yesterday (Sept 14), and if they have not turned up by Sept 30 then to contact them again. I have since read that it can take up to 10 WORKING DAYS for them to arrive.....so from Sept 3 that would be this Friday Sept 17.....so I was probably worrying unnecessarily. I was just counting 10 normal days which was wrong. Nniixx, I'm not surprised they arrived in just plain white envelope being only regular mail. Registered mail is usually different, and at least you have to go and sign for them. The plainer the envelope the better I think for just regular mail. I'd actually prefer it wasn't too obvious what was in them.....less attractive for stealing fingers that way! Good luck all....I'm sure all our tickets will arrive soon. I for one will be very happy once they appear in my mailbox. Fingers crossed for tomorrow's mail. Cheers, Karen
  2. Ha ha!.....Thanks Nniixx....you just gave me a good laugh......and I think you should definitely do it! :-)
  3. Yes...that was all a bit weird and stressful this morning.....had 3 browsers up and got in right on 9.00 am put in code and went to choose tickets but absolutely no drop down working to choose them....although it said on right hand side they were available. (Brisbane show). Tried again...got old problem again of saying code invalid. Tried 2nd unused code and it didn't like it at all.....was panicing and trying codes in different browsers...sometimes getting past but still the dropdown wasn't working in the ticket category part.....in any price range at all! Although saying available. Anyhow, all of a sudden after nearly 15 minutes it was there and I got through and got my 2 x Redzone tickets. Yay! But very stressful. (I tried ringing Ticketek too and eventually got through but was put on an endless loop of recorded messages. ) OMG.....2 computers.....3 browsers....1 phone.....it shouldn't be that hard!!! It actually looked to me like there was some sort if Ticketek IT error on the site for the dropdown box price category part....particularly as it was for every ticket price....not just Redzone. What's going on with Ticketek??? Anyhow relieved now....but can't believe how many problems there has been with these pre-sales.
  4. Hi Happyme, How are you logging onto this site? If you come in via a bookmarked page to anywhere within the site, such as to the message boards or home page you won/t see it. Just go directly to www.u2.com (don't put forward slash home or anything else at all). http://www.u2.com/ This will bring you to the welcome page prior to the home page where you will see a screen split in two with two different pictures. On the right it says continue to Homepage and on the left it says U2 360 2010 tour New Zealand / Australia. If you click on that it will give you everything you re the times for the pre-sale etc. All that detail is in the top 'gold' bit. You will also see your codes (be careful though, it may still shows the code you have already used....but the email pretty clearly says you cannot use it). Click on the word 'ticket' for the concert you want and it will take you to your ticket agency site which also has details of the pre sales. Make sure you have logged into that prior though when it comes to buying as that can get a bit confusing. Alternatively you can click on the date in the email you received of the concert you want and that too will take you to the pre sale page on the ticketing agencies site. Good luck! Karen
  5. [quote name=How can they actually do that? The conditions of those tickets are that they can only be picked up on the day of the concert by the credit card holder who purchased the tickets - have to show the credit card at the collection office. Scalpers fully suck!!!! SandSCreative]Some fan club mongrel is selling Brissy RZs on Ebay.
  6. [quote name='Reid NZ wrote: Bajagirl']Hi All Collating the info over here (as bosses in Europe) and will post when I have it. But yes, let me get some sleep this week. To clarify: If you have a pre-sale code that starts with 3U2 and used it, you cannot resubscribe and get another code If you have a pre-sale code that starts with 3U2 and DID NOT use it, you may use this in the upcoming pre-sale If you have am unused pre-sale code that starts with U2 or 2U2 this means you were a member a while a go, and can renew and extend your membership and get a new code CAVEAT: If you let your membership lapse the new code will be in the CEDAR group Hi Bajgirl....I have been a member for about 2 and a half years and have 2 codes. The newer one started with 2U2 (I used that in the first Brisbane presale) and the other starts with just U2 and I have never used it. Can I confirm that the older one starting with U2 is still valid? Not sure from the bit I have highlighted above whether that means it is or not as you refer to being able to get a new a new code if members have unused codes starting with U2 or 2U2? Surely they wouldn't have to if those codes were unused?? Sorry, just a bit confused. Also, (probably what is adding to my confusion) is that the used code is still showing in both my account info and on the presale page in the bit with the gold background. Surely if it has been used it shouldn't be showing here now? Thanks again.....was reading many of the posts last week and you have been seriously awesome and patient with everyone! Cheers Karen... Any unused codes may be used for the upcoming pre-sale At this time I have not received any information indicating that there has been any improvement done on the ticketing systems, so please be aware that at this time, the code time out is still in place. Members codes can be used for ONE show, up to FOUR tickets, of the same type, purchased in ONE transaction Codes cannot be split into different types of tickets, or dates or locations. Your code appears on the TOURS page and on the ACCOUNT INFO page, you do not need the email to purchase your tickets DO NOT get all stressed, there has ALWAYS been an excess amount of tickets for resale by members (At face value) on this and other fan boards. You will get in, you wont miss out. (e,g, I went to Dublin at the last minute and got into all 3 shows, bought my tickets at face from people I met on here) More as it comes Baja Not sure if I am interpreting this wrong but you state "codes cannot be split into different types of tickets, or dates or locations" but a friend of mine purchased 2 ga tickets + 2 stand tickets for the 1st auckland show using their presale code, they now have the tickets. I was intending on doing the same for the second show using a presale code. Can you confirm whether this is actually possible?
  7. On the pre-sale page there's a list of FAQ's that address most of these ticket purchase questions. Last line of text in the 'gold section' where they print your access code. Can't wait for Brisbane! Woo hoo!
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