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  1. Getting multiple arrival times in on one credit card was indeed stressful. Here's how we solved for it: --My ticket was completely separate from the rest of my group. This gained me earlier access, which turned out not even to have been necessary, as my sister, who'd arrived last, actually wound up with the best spot. I had a great day regardless and met some fab people, so it's all good. --Once I was pre-screened, I had Ticket Resolutions print hard copies of our tickets. My first group of friends arrived prior to Stadium gates opening, so I met them where the credit card swipers were and simply handed them their tickets. --I then left remaining tickets at Will Call. NOTE: Apparently there was ALOT of confusion among concert goers that their credit card WAS INDEED their ticket, and found themselves at Will-Call, trying to pick up non-existent tickets. The attendant at Will-Call wouldn't believe my husband and tried repeatedly to turn him away and back to the credit card swiping line. My hubby had to INSIST that his tickets were indeed being held, and finally the attendant checked. And, voila! there were his tickets. Because I'd left them. The dude was unapologetic.
  2. Yeah, the Headstand Man. Did Bono say that's how the last DC JT show had ended as well?
  3. My hat is off to the kind people here who helped enable the rest of us to attend and navigate tonight's Fed Ex show. The band looked and sounded great and all the new friends I made, sharing stories and snacks and earplugs really made the day memorable!
  4. I say go in early and hang. Maybe you'll get lucky and will still be able to get your number.
  5. Curious, are you Wooster, as in "The College of?" My alma mater...
  6. Are you driving in 1978Pooh? I am in Sterling and was planning to metro.
  7. 50 years old. How'd that happen? Unforgettable Fire, Richfield Colesium, 1985 Joshua Tree, Brown Stadium, 1988 ZooTV, RFK, 1992 Vertigo, Verizon Center, 2005 360, Fed Ex, 2009 360, Scott Stadium, 2009 Project Red/Gavin Friday 50th, Carnegie Hall, 2009 innocence + experience, Boston, 2015 Joshua Tree 30th, Fed Ex, 2017. This time with my kids. Can't wait!!
  8. I'd appreciate that, if it's not too much trouble. Thanks!
  9. 1) You are amazing. 2) One question regarding pre-screen queue without entire party: 1/2 my party is arriving well after gates open (my husband and kids). Can't I do the early bit without them, and then go back out and meet them once they arrive?
  10. mcpayne, thanks for your reply. hopefully you're right, and kids (albeit teens) strolling in later with their dad, won't be quite as offensive. As for parking, the Fed Ex Red Zone lot (not to be confused with U2 Red Zone) will be open at 8am. However, it's my understanding that passes to this lot are sold out? I'm trying to confirm that now. It's all the other lots that don't open until 3pm. I've got to believe that metro will stay open if there are crowds of people waiting to board trains. I think this is SOP for them in the past. I appreciate the info about parking at Largo Town Center. One thought I had was to metro to Landover and Uber in from there? Not sure if that saves the issue of traffic into the stadium. The whole thing just makes me nervous b/c I recall for 360, the traffic into Fed Ex was so heavy, that we barely made it to our seats before the show started.
  11. If vau2fan doesn't take it, my sister might be interested. PM me and I can put you two in touch. Thx!
  12. Oh my gosh, that makes so much more sense. I didn't realize Red Zone was a Redskins thing, too. Thanks!
  13. Thanks, M. It does. I, too, have done my fair share of line sitting/camping out, etc, so totally appreciate the mindset of someone who's put in the time to wait vs. someone strolling in just before gates open. This show will be the first that I'm bringing my kids to. The youngest (13) doesn't get out of art camp until 3 (which we could pull early if need be.) The eldest, 16, will be on day 2 of a summer internship with a US Congressman. She'll ask to leave early, but is LOATHE to do so. (Which I can also appreciate). We'll figure it out. Bigger question now seems to be the late parking lot opening time (3pm!). Almost makes me want to take metro!!
  14. Thanks for the info. Gotta say seems like a strange policy, though, to accommodate early parking for Red Zone, but not GA, when Red Zone are far fewer ticket holders.
  15. Shannon387, thanks for your quick response. Crazy that Ticketmaster is forcing everyone to enter at one time. Patently unfair to those of us who have been loyal fans, subscribers, are willing to sit and wait for hours for GA entry. The show is my daughter's second day of her internship, so she can't ask to leave early. I wouldn't even mind us in two different spots in the queue, if I could give her her own ticket to get in. But to think that the rest of us have to delay just seems really unfair. I know, whaa whaa whaa. But, still.
  16. Very helpful, evilgenius, thank you! Can you all offer suggestions on how to respectfully save spots in the GA line for members of my party that can't arrive early? We're 8 in total. 3 of us plan to arrive early, but others can't get off work until about 4pm. Is it "kosher" to bring lawn chairs to sit while we wait? Thx!!
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