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    Live....Where the streets have no name. Vinyl....Bad (live from wide awake in America EP).
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  1. Heather S

    The World Cup Thread

    😂😂😂😂 II remember this sh***e. Weren’t U2 involved in this? Is that why it’s your fave? I like thecheesy music. “We’re all part of Jackies army... la la la la.” You can’t beat the World Cup songs can you. They don’t seem to do them anymore. Big shame.
  2. Heather S

    The World Cup Thread

    I still have the 1982 World Cup song on 7inch vinyl! That was the first World Cup I remember - Kevin Keegan, Viv Anderson, Steve Coppell, Glen Hoddell ...and lots of others I don’t remember. I know the words off by heart 😂.,
  3. Have you looked on U2 start.com as well? You can sign up to get email updates about tickets for particular dates you are interested in as fans list them to sell or swap. All face value - none of this scalping malarkey.
  4. 10!!!!! Oh my - lucky you. Every time they tour I think.....well, what if it’s their last tour. I never tire of it. Enjoy it - you’ll be so chilled by the last one.
  5. Well of course they played the same setlist for 4 nights - it was a TJT tour so that’s what it was. As someone else pointed out, a lot of the lighting/setting/video etc is timed for the songs - that’s part of the show. No way are they just doing this for the cash - can you imagine them thinking - ‘yeah let’s retire now we’re not bothered about our music anymore’ or ‘I think we are a bit skint, let’s make an album and go on tour’. Imagine doing something you love, creating new relevant music and the buzz of performing live for decades - they are sure to still get high in it. Stuck in their ways? I’m amazed at that comment and respectfully disagree. They only get one chance to tour SofE sand the screen and graphics make it the show it is. I think we all go multiple nights because we want to experience it again and again even if it’s the same. There’s always something you notice more or less from one night to the next and the different people and perspectives mix it up a bit. . I’m going to 4 shows in Europe - 2 seated which are both close up but at each end of the arena (so I’ll get both main stage and small stage experiences) - when I’m in my seat I’m going to be sure to check out the best place to stand for me so that when my 3rd show comes about, I will have seen it twice already so can go for closer up. I finish it with a redzone so I hope I can stroll in and have a beer and take it all in from that side of the floor without any panic or nervous anticipation or worry about what I will see/won’t see - (that’s also why I go multiple times - to have a stress free experience after all the pre-sale, anticipation, drama, nervous anticipation etc!). I don’t mind if they don’t change a thing - Setlist looks great to me. I will be disappointed if they don’t play Red flag day but I’ll have a ball regardless. I’m very excited about it and am not looking too much at anything so I can have lots of glorious surprises for my first show in Copenhagen.
  6. Heather S

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    There are some good looking tees and hoodies on U2 start website ...though as they were created by fans for fans they are not official merchandise. Thinking about that 🤔I’m not entirely sure that would be allowed..isn’t there copyrights or something.....but it’s not secret. Hmmmm - I really like the red flag day hoodie which comes in lots of colours - including burgundy manohlive....
  7. Heather S

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    His brother can’t sing. Not a bit. He is shit. 😂 awfully shit.
  8. Heather S

    Tulsa Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Really? A terrible set list? Totally disagree....they spent a whole summer playing The Joshua Tree last year....why on earth would they play them again with all the other ‘classics’ waiting to be played. I am thrilled by this set list and can’t wait - biggest disappointment for me is lack of Red Flag Day and I was hoping for a few others from War/October. Surprised they included the elevation/vertigo duo again but then again, nothing gets the crowds going like those so I am now counting down the months until September in Europe.
  9. Heather S

    Tulsa Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Wow....that arena looks tiny! How many does it hold? Yes I guess I could look but maybe someone knows!
  10. Heather S

    Tulsa Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Why are there no pics from inside?? I can’t bear it. I can’t possibly sleep with all this going on.
  11. Heather S

    Tulsa Live Thread #U2eiTour

    I agree absolutely with you on this and good for taking a stand though it shouldn’t even need this should it! I know you aren’t upset, you are just doing the right thing and saying no to intimidation and elitism when it’s just not right or fair. Good for you. Enjoy your show whenever and wherever you get. I’ve got x2 seated and x2 standing to come from Sept onwards so I figure I will have a good experience - as for queuing for the GA, I reckon will get there an hour before start of the show and have a few pints! All the best to you Manohlive.
  12. Bullet.....never did it for me either.
  13. Well said (and your other post too). This seemed to be the case so often with the last tour and it was even posted on the forums here (the ones that are set up by moderators for each specific show) where the queue was being formed often the night before and where people just added their name to a list etc. I remember getting the info for one show from ticket master saying no queuing at venue before 12pm (or something like that) yet sure enough on the forum - there was a photo of fans with numbers on their hands at 10am. I totally agree with the fact that you get there and you wait, none of this list check in crap then bugger off home. I would be livid if someone said they had priority over me because they wrote their name on a list the night before. I too would kick up the biggest fuss. There were so many complaints last time in here about it. Bet it will be the same all over again this time. I’d like to get a job as security at a venue and ensure the venues rules are adhered to!
  14. Heather S

    Mini golf with U2 and the winner is:

    Oh my word that’s amazing. Congratulations. Like winning the lottery! I think I’d crumble and be too starstruck but what a once in a lifetime thing to do. Please post photos and tell everyone how it went!
  15. Mine arrived today in UK as well. My husband should have some coming too....not sure what we’ll do with them both...!