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  1. There weren't that many last night either. I guess they're all just enjoying themselves! Bummer for us...
  2. Not many live periscopes so far tonight! It will be hard to beat Mark Abrahamson's stream from the other night! So amazing! Can't wait for Miami!
  3. I also would like to know what time should we arrive to RZ? Will be flying to Miami for the June 11th show. Also, are there port a pottys this time or do we have to leave rz? 1st time I'll be alone so I'll have no one to hold my spot!
  4. Are you in Red Zone Max? Or to anyone who is...Just wondering how early I need to get there for RZ at the Miami show.
  5. Thanks Sedona for feeling the way you did about GA. Do you have any video footage Beautiful Day up to the point he sings "wish your husband could be wit you". I'm the one he sang to. Didn't have my iPhone camera on. Oh I wish I had video of the whole sone. Sorry, it cuts off before that part. I was wondering who he was talking to. Hopefully someone has it for you!
  6. I have a couple of pics and a very short video of Beautiful Day. Alos, I was in Red Zone and was surprised they let us in 1st. I didn't feel right running straight to GA (tempting though). About half of the RZ ran straight for the E part stage and middle GA main stage. I was happy to get the spot I wanted in RZ. I don't think they'll do that every time. Can't make everyone happy and so many RZ ppl have been complaining about the layout. I think it was actually well thought out. Amazing show.
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