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  1. Ok, that was a massive ordeal. I tried to get 4 Red Zone tickets for Melbourne, but there was constantly an error when submitting the request, not anything saying they were out of tickets. I called them and they were having similar problems trying to book it in their own systems. I was able to order 2 x RedZone tickets fine across the internet and once it was in the system they were able to add the additional 2 tickets to the order. Very strange as there was nothing written to limit the amount of Red Zone tickets in the terms and conditions, it simply said 4 tickets per order. Either way, I've got them now. Bring on DECEMBER!!! Big month ahead as I have 10th row seats for Muse on the 12th and now Red Zone tickets for U2 on the 1st. Shame they are all midweek concerts, I may need to take some time off work
  2. I called Ticketmaster this evening to ask about the presale, they said the following - Red Zone are a ticket price level, there is no auction - There would be a small amount of Red Zone tickets available in the presale - If you buy regular tickets in the presale and then manage to get Red Zone tickets in the public sale, there is no way to swap the tickets or get a refund, but they can't do anything about you selling your presale tickets, they just don't endorse it. I managed to sneak into the Magnificent presale group by registering on Sunday so I'll be going into work late and trying to get 4 Red Zone tickets in under 12 hours time
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