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  1. I went to both shows; on the floor right at stage for both; Edge side. Not an expert from most points of view, only shows 34 & 35 for me in 25+ years... After night one, I felt a bit low, not exactly disappointed, but just not nearly what I'm used to feeling the day after a show. Night two - much better. They felt more into it. Not as many technical glitches (which I think is to be expected - so early in the tour). Electric Co & Bad - amazing. Bad and surrendering & letting go - new meaning for me, given family cancer issues and loss of past year. The kid (Jason or Nathan... didn't quite get his name, and haven't read any of this thread, sorry) for COBL, was the most amazing and uplifting highlight of both nights for me. He was next to me in line... so happy he gave us all such a great show. I left feeling much better than night one. Just remembered... Sweetest Thing... so cool. Maybe it's just me, but having SBS, Pride, BTBS and RBW - do they need all that? drop Bullet. SBS is a real downer with the pics and names and acoustic...they need to bring it back up. We get it, we do... and I know a new generation is being educated, but RBW is a current alert/headline... and Edge didn't get his BTBS solo on night one... simplify. I really feel like they could drop Mysterious Ways - they didn't get the sound right either night and it's a bit tired. Add Magnificence, Elevation, anything from the new release, Stay (far away so close) a favorite for the band (and me), TTYWires ... anything ... and the bit with the girl filming them? ... the broadcast (that part needs fixing in itself)... it should be on the left of the screen, too. No one at main stage or seats behind stage could see the images from night one. Night two - nothing. Not sure they need this at all. I think they are still finding their feet, and the next few shows are just going to confirm that; I love the experience and meet the best, nicest, coolest people - and to me, this is so much a part of the whole U2 experience. Not complaining, really, just commenting.
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