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  1. I also received it. It is from LiveNation, but I think it was a test and by accident they clicked on Send.
  2. Amazing show! This album is the best one for me. It travelled 30 years with me and yesterday we saw each other live! Great to see Dutch women during Ultraviolet, like Mabel, widow of prince Friso and major Bosshard from the Salvation army.
  3. Wow, I'm so excited by this news!!! And great that they also play in Amsterdam. Hopefully more concerts will come in our country, just like I & E in 2015!!
  4. For me the Joshua Tree was a special moment in my life. I was thrilled to listen to these completely new songs for me. I didn't understand not completely the meaning of the lyrics, but was deeply touched by the music. It helped me crying, mourning and to celebrate. After that album my journey with U2 started and I'm still learning about this album. For example: when I heard 'Bullet the Blue Sky' during the I & E tour in Amsterdam, I really was touched much deeper then before when I heard it. That album is a part of my life and from time to time a song pops up in my memory (or on my Phone:-)). It's like a dream comes through that U2 will perform the whole album this year! Special moment for a special band in my heart.
  5. No problem. I just send you a personal message.
  6. Indeed, I hope the same: Mercy on SOE!!
  7. For me today Mercy and then especially the live version played in Brussels in 2010. Great lyrics and song! https://www.youtube.com/embed/XQC37h7yJDM
  8. Thanks Evan for being so proud and the message you give us. Also blessing to you! Jan
  9. I just saw the short film and I liked it. Eugene Peterson has so much life expierince and Bono's words are like U2's music: honest, realistic, powerfull and with passion. I really like Bono's saying of Psalm 23 between Raised by Wolves and Untill the end of the world during the I&E Tour. Powerfull of using these words between the conflict, bombings in Ireland, the violence and the ultimate conflict between Jesus and Judas. To shout so loudly 'comfort me, comfort me' keeps echoing in my mind. So, I will certainly use this film when I'm organising a U2 retreat again next year.
  10. Today Peace on Earth was in my mind, especially this live version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WojOA8GVvx0
  11. For me it wouldn't be a problem if they visit the Netherlands again! And even with the same stage and screen! Looking forward to Songs of Experience and later Songs of Ascent!
  12. Dear winners, congratulations!! You deserved it. Wishing all fellow U2 fans a merry Christmas and a great U2 year!!!
  13. I'm so glad it worked well. The code worked good, but I had to make a new account for TM (I already had one), but that was easily to solve. I have tickets for Amsterdam 8 Sept and I'm already thrilled for this event!!
  14. 22 September 2010 in Brussels. I know U2 for many years but in September 2010 I saw them for the first time. That evening made a big imprint in my heart and soul. I was overwhelmed by what I saw and expierenced. Suddenly it all came together, all the U2 songs that I knew before started to be alive in myself. I had many emotions during the concert. I cried, I laught, I was quiet, I screamed my lungs out, I was worshipping, I jumped!. From that evening on U2 became alive in my belief, in my heart and soul. After the concert I said to God: 'God, if this is heaven, I absolutely want to be there!!'. Blessings to you all. John
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