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  1. anyone kno stokie please get in touch

  2. GA in Dublin(pitch 2)and GA in both Amsterdam shows Its my 50th this year so why not
  3. Any idea why U2 aren't playing,Sleep like a baby tonight and This where you can reach me now LIVE ??

    1. pain_18_


      Best question EVER !!!!!

  4. Stokie

    2 different shows?

    That so good to read that,as I split my presale,but still not received my code email
  5. Wanted GA ticket for MSG 18th July 2015

  6. Hey Wanderer, I can kind of see where your coming from.I myself have been a fan since 1983 and have seen U2 at least once on every tour since 1983. Still I've managed to get GA tickets for Glasgow and Boston Anyhow more importantly did you manage to get tickets ???
  7. HELP !!! Am I right in thinking,if I use my eXPERIENCE presale code,I can get 1 ticket for 2 shows rather than 2 tickets for one show ?

    1. Rhi_K


      Yes you're right :)

  8. How much is a Standing ticket in The 02 London ??

    1. David Roberts

      David Roberts

      Cost 55 each + fees .so 129 for 2.

    2. Stokie


      Thanks David Roberts,you get some ??


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