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  1. 40 333 Just read Bannon is out. of Temps team in US. He has a reputation as being a leader as a White Supremacist. Lets hope this means something good... Just couldn't resist posting as this news is breaking...
  2. 40 332 Amazing & inspiring , as always Tan💕
  3. I've heard CBD oil works great without the side affects. It's somewhat expensive & I'm not sure what the policy is on the prescription of "medicinal" use. Surely deregulatin will be less expensive for the average person due to increased availability.
  4. 40 330 Only if you feel old! I felt so old when I was 33. Now I feel younger. I don't want to to become cynical.☺
  5. Thanks Natural ! Great link. Local sources can be the most reliable in what's most current.
  6. 40 315 I've certainly set myself up in a time crunch. An early start tomorrow & busy weekend.... Goodnight!🌠🌙
  7. 40 314 Remember to breathe. Be aware of the inhale, be aware of the exhale. The eclipse isn't happening until this Monday. Sometimes things feel most difficult right before a breakthrough. Besides breathing my best advice to you is set some goals for yourself. If you feel stuck, do 10 jumping jacks. 😉 works every time!
  8. I've just read something that taking probiotics can help with this condition. Kombucha, Saurkraut (Kimchee)yougurt contain these healthy bacteria. Live food (fermented) promotes the bodies own production of the 'good' bugs. Probiotics are also available in their isolated form as supplements, a more concentrated affect. I wonder if BEER & WINE are also a good source of probiotics😉
  9. They are almost always pushing for donations. I have a personal policy to help me feel less guilty. This is if the lowest paid employee gets paid more than I do, I don't feel obligated for utilizing their information resources. As the care & effort & prayers... time will tell... Awareness is key in facing these issues. A large segment of the population seems unaware of things other than their immediate needs and their personal gain. Life can be tough, so why worry about others problems. Really some things affect everyone and jeopardize the future for generations & also others ability to take care of themselves also. There's a small picture & a big picture. We are all a part of the big picture. PS. From an aerial perspective I believe these environmental problems can be fixed. It's the relationship problems which prevent the solutions from being implemented. This is challenging when many of our World. "leaders" see oppression & genocide as a soluble option.😞
  10. Gardening, ceramics, design & my internship at Solar Aquatic Wastewater Treatment plant. I was living in the future for a time....
  11. I have the ingredients to make this. Just peanut butter a cacao powder& add sweetener. Doesn't sound appealing to me right now. I enjoyed Starbucks while on vacation. I have to watch my limits or my sleep patterns are affected. I'm feeling really relaxed after a week of vacation. Happy to be home & Back into my routine. I feel more energized, except for work wears me down a bit, I have fun at work amidst the chaos. And there's a lot of chaos & tension. I'm feeling more confident (& careful) about not taking that in. ☺
  12. It's fun to watch from the porch. Lightning can be scary. Best use caution & stay still. ⚡🌌 Put me right to sleep 😴
  13. The good things are happening all around me. Plants, veggies, flowers all growing, birds singing, now an evening thunderstorm...and I can't play harmonica either, it's ok
  14. Yeah, Larry's birthday!🎂🎶🎃