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  1. I'm excited about tonight's show for everyone who is attending! It's so great.. any spoilers or YouTube videos you may have seen do not do this show justice. It's something to see in entirety live. But I will still be checking out the Periscope of it...it's just that good. ??? Have fun Vegas ppl. ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. 1 hour ago, anna_boykova said:

    I enjoyed both nights in san Jose but yesterday I felt even more inspired with their positive energie and powerfulness

    IMG_4345 (1).jpg


    IMG_4348 (1).jpg

    I think Monday night hit me harder because I didn't know exactly what to expect. The show in it's entirety from where I was sitting was so overwhelming and I was really along for the ride. I got very emotional during a couple of songs. Tuesday was jubilant for me, being down in the crowd and singing and being among that energy. 

  3. Another super stellar show. These damn direct calls to actions are very convincing. Coming out with a bullhorn to literally rally us...  It's important stuff, it's scary times, this is exactly the type of gatherings we need. The energy was so strong and positive. A second night I felt privileged to be part of this with other fans.  ???

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  4. 45 minutes ago, u2rone said:

    Well said. I don't want to do GA anymore because of the unfairness of it. Same people get the best spots because they pull together and only look out for each other. But with this tour and I & E I think seats are better so you can see the effect of the screens. But nothing compares with doing GA and being on the rail. Looking forward to Chicago.

    In 2015, I did the whole thing by the rules. Was one of the first 75 in the fan run line. I wanted rail by the b stage. We got screwed on getting in.. bunch of ppl rushed ahead. I still had a decent spot almost to the rail. Two ppl right in front of me were at the rail, leaned against it and we're visibly exhausted and had no energy the whole show. Over heard them talking about this being 7 or 8th show they had been to in a row, hence thier exhaustion. No matter, they were not giving up an inch of rail space. The one thing that bugs me about U2 shows are ppl who want to be up close but have no enthusiasm. It's frustrating for us who don't get to be tired of going to so many shows. Each concert is a chance to celebrate, jump around, sing my heart out. 

    Last go around, I hung towards the back of the ga crowd, and had a fantastic time just feeling like I could really let loose and have a good time. As exhilarating as being on the rail is, it can ruin a night to have to feel stressed about it. 

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  5. I'm just browsing the videos posted by ppl from last nights show....is HMTMKMKM the highlight of the show? I am trying to get ready for work and keeping and eye on my phone...and it's fckibg amazing. I'm trying not to cry off the makeup I just put on.  So so so good. I'm super excited about this show. So brave and it's seems so geared towards the fans. 4 days till San Jose! ???

    Acrobat sounded great... Computer generated mcphisto....needs work. Its just wonderful to hear and it's very fitting for the tone of the show. 

    I'm OVER streets! Over it. I'm glad it's not being played. So there ??

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  6. I got seats for abt $100 each, GAs for about the same. Concerts and merch are the way artists make $$. We can imagine that U2 is a non-profit organization but there has NEVER been any proof of them being anything except a very profitable rock band/corporation. 

    They(the U2 business organization) agreed to allow LiveNation to make the calls on ticket prices and it's a racket and we all know it. We decide if we participate or not. It's the reality of the situation. 


    Don't like the ticket prices? Wait for the Blu-ray to come out. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Rich T. said:

    Right on!  I'll be in San Jose on May 7 (GA).  I also had tickets for May 8 (GA), but was forced to sell them, because my daughter's band happens to be playing in San Francisco that night as well, and over my inner protest, I decided to be loyal and go to that show instead.  It's really hard not to go to both U2 shows.  In 2015 I used the first night to figure things out, as well as enjoying the show, and then I knew exactly where to stand the second night.  Also, the set list has interesting variations on Night Two.  Plus, I don't really get enough of the U2 experience unless it's two nights in a row, so that it really sinks in.  I'm bummed about missing the second show, but excited about the first show.

    Oh, and as for me...  I was turned on to U2 in 1983, after hearing "Sunday", "New Year's Day", and "Two Hearts" on the radio.  They quickly became my favorite band, and my first show was during the Unforgettable Fire tour, in Offenbach, Germany (January 1985).  I've been to something like 20 or 25 shows over the years, but always regret not being able to attend more shows.

    Decisions and priorities...darn being a responsible adult! ?? I am certain your daughter's band is going to blow the roof off the place. ?

    I did both nights at the Rose Bowl last year and it was SO cool! Such a different vibe each night. I'm so glad I am able to do two nights again. I get to go to church two nights in a row! ? 

  8. Money stress is horrible but luckily most of us can make adjustments and get by until things back on track.  It's just a pain to make those adjustments.

    I was at the gym last night, finished my spin class and was just exhausted. I normally will follow my spin class with a Barre or yoga class. I was just so tired... I was thinking there was a couple of Taco Bell burritos and a comfy couch in my sights. At the last moment, literally had my bag and walking out the door and the little gym angel on my shoulder stopped me. I did the Barre class...and put a decent effort in. My ass and abs feel it. No taco Bell either. YAY for good decision making! ???

  9. Not everyone wants to hang out for upwards of 24 hr in line to be at the rail just to have some yahoos who show up later shove thier way in front. It's craziness but I found out during the last time around, f the queue and just hang in the back and enjoy the music and show. The rush and push to be close to the stage ruins an otherwise amazing experience. 

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  10. 2 hours ago, Grande 3:16 said:

    Prediction 1: The fans who wanted Acrobat will finally get their wish.

    Prediction 2: They'll now complain about how it was played.

    What...? U2 fans complain? Ha!??


    I'll be happy with snippet or whatever they decide to do with Acrobat. I promise! 

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  11. On 3/13/2018 at 1:04 AM, russpm said:

    Hi Richvondeez,

    Thany you for this, all things considered I am going to spend 1 night in SJ for convenience for the concert and the rest around Santa Cruz so I can explore the coast. Great advice, thanks again.


    Have a wonderful time. It's a beautiful area to visit!

    I'll be heading to Monterey after SJ. I'm so looking forward to it. I've been so many times and still enjoy trips to the area. ❤️❤️??

  12. On 4/11/2018 at 7:55 PM, bigwave said:

    Got some friends going to San Jose for first time this year to the shows and they asked me if fans had any gatherings / memories about past U2 shows / U2 landmarks in the city, that kind of thing.. any info would be gratefully received :) 

    Winchester Mystery House & Rosicrucianism Egyptian Museum are a couple of neat things to check out in SJ proper.

  13. On 4/13/2018 at 5:25 PM, u2guitarnab852 said:

    Long time fan but just recently came aboard here (to get the presale)..  I am rather young for a U2 diehard (32) and my favorite U2 albums are Achtung Baby, Pop, JT and Zooropa.  But I honestly don't think think there's a bad one either.

    It's amazing that due to the length of their career, we all have different albums that define our love of the music. My bf is in his early 50s and remembers listening to War over and over on his very awesome Sony Walkman. Some co-workers have told me JT defined thier college years unlike any other music of the time. I saw bits on FB a while back from be fan in thier 20s who lived in NJ and ATYCLB was the  album that got them through 2001 with clarity.

    AB was it for me... I remember being a impressionable tween and U2 being part of the media blitz that took me from innocent to experience, so to speak. ?All I wanted was to see Zoo TV. Their were some riots going on in LA and I was outraged that police officers were allowed to beat a black man without consequence. JFK, the Oliver Stone film had just come out. In retrospect, the film is outrageous but at the time, I was dumbstruck that our own government could even be implicated in such things. Everything was not as it should be. Then there is Bono confirming that everything I know is a lie. It was perfectly leading up to a new US president who I was certain would make everything better. He didn't. Zooropa followed and I just discovered foriegn films and Portishead and anime. It all fit perfectly. I was hooked. ❤️❤️ I didn't make it to see Zoo TV but my first show was PopMart. It was amazing and I have not missed a show that's come around to CA since. ??



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  14. I'm not new ..I've been bouncing around these boards since WAY back in the early aughts. I've sworn off all traditional social media of late...so here I am...crawling back to this place.  That makes it sounds worse than it is. Really. ? 


    I'm so excited about this tour... I think there is so much potential for an amazing bunch of shows...geared to us with the experience under our belts. ?? I will checking it out both nights in San Jose...it's coming up quick! 

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