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  1. Max, I meant "you" as a general you of those representing U2 management. I did not mean to offend but to pass along a message to the powers that be. We as fans have no other to do that.
  2. Dear Mich40, thank you for your reply. Two things: that email just came yesterday saying the tickets are "NON-TRANSFERABLE". No where during or after purchase of the tickets did it say that, anywhere, especially on the physical tickets that were mailed from Ticketmaster. In other words, as I stated before, you can't make a rule after the fact and then enforce it. I will call StubHub.
  3. Supermat3, I am scouring this forum for exactly this information. I am a long-time fan club member, have seen every tour since 1987 Joshua Tree and had to sell my RZ2 tickets because I am battling a serious disease/diagnosis. When I purchased in the pre-sale the limit of max (2) tickets in the Red Zone for June 25 at MSG, I had every intention to go. I was given the option of emailed electronic ticket or (snail) mail printed ticket. This was different than last year's Joshua Tree and Innocence tours. I chose printed tickets. No where on them did it say "non-transferable". Nor did any instructions follow like the debacle last summer of JT and needing the person there with ID and a credit card... and...all members of party together to get in. You are right, life happens. I re-sold them on Stub Hub. Stub Hub was selling other RZ tickets. Ticketmaster resale was not. I will sue StubHub, Ticketmaster and U2 management if the nice couple (whom I do not know) from Charlotte that purchased them cannot go and I get penalized for resale. I'm not one to do this and think the whole system is flawed and has worsened instead of getting better for the fans. I really am trying to do some due diligence here to make sure those that purchased my tickets enjoy the show just as I would have...it shouldn't be this hard. So if a moderator is moderating the forum, I'm going on record. You can't say one thing and then do another and then change things again throughout the ticket sale cycle. It is not only unfair, but unlawful. Hope you all enjoy the concert.
  4. Perhaps there were different options or limited options per venue. I had the choice of will call or printed tickets. I didn't want to stand in two lines; thus chose printed tickets mailed via snail mail.
  5. No, you get actual tickets that say "GA and RZ" but you must have those to enter into the Red Zone only entrances at venues where there is a "will call" table/booth and you get the lanyard and laminated card/ticket to go to a special area and line up to enter the designated Red Zone space.
  6. I don't know...I couldn't select electronic and got physical tickets in the mail a few days ago.
  7. The glitch(es) were multiple. RZ tickets did not appear as you say and I started explaining at the beginning of this thread. After you selected Red Zone the type of section/package when you allowed the second seating drop down to default to "Best Available" or selected "Best Available" no Red Zone appeared. You had to manually select Red Zone which at the bottom of the list. Second glitch was none were coming up, I had to switch to 1 ticket and 1 was available but in checkout I got 2. Third glitch, was that sections like GA and seats were limited for a presale that was suppose to be about opportunity for fans. So it was "glitchy". And certainly as this thread and others specifically about GA show that no GA's were coming up...period. I've been to every U2 show since 1987 follow directions for tickets, have stampeded Ticketmaster on the phone at old "buying booths" etc...and this was the wonkiest to date...and it was suppose to be about making it easier for super fans/regular fans to have availability to get seats (as if we need to segregate fans or as other threads have now discovered were chosen not my longevity but by a lottery for which presale day fans were allowed to participate) all in all fans were selected by an algorithm for access to tickets that were limited and in some cities, sections/areas that were not available in the TM system. Comes down to fans being given a disadvantage and lack of information about how the system works, getting an unfair treatment in a system, no monopoly, that is ultimately rigged for the highest bidders (bots, 3rd party resellers, and scalpers).
  8. A-ha! good purpose....makes sense, I retract...then I wonder who the "genius" was that had them inverted into the RZ for the Innocence tour ;-).
  9. They will mail the actual ticket, you still have to check in to the Red Zone only area to get your RZ tag. The ticket is for the scan into MSG.
  10. Thank you nsheers, such a better and more accurate description than I originally provided. This is all assuming, of course, that the stage set will be the same as Innocence...I hope like JT, they make some adjustments to the Red Zone areas and allow us closer to the stage (closer than the top part). Also, for JT some "genius" decided to set up the RZ with the part of the barricade that you can actually sit on or put your leg up on facing the stage so no one could rest any body part. Really? How is this ADA compliant too?
  11. Hobbes you just hit the nail on the other head going on here, how and why is it different in every city? Red Zone for MSG today was only hard copies and you had to pay to mail them! They were credit card for JT and electronic for Innocence so unless that's a new NYC law....it isn't consistent.
  12. No idea...I had to update my CC info in TM and clicked a link that said if I resell them through TM that would be the CC for payment. Also, for RZ tickets only option was to mail them hard copy (no electronic option this time). I've read those that got GA got electronic tickets this morning. Seems like another unclear thing going on...
  13. No I am not positive. In fact, I don't believe we yet know the stage layout and seating of GA/Red Zone for certain. If they sold RZ1 and RZ2 unlike JT where there was only one Red Zone, then I think it means there will be two RZ sections. The seat map shown today is the same as Innocence in 2015 and RZ1 was Edge side. But...you can go from RZ1 to RZ2 after you get in and the GA's are allowed to stampede. At least that was the case in MSG in 2015.
  14. Hi hobbes, Yes, that is what happened to me and I started this forum outlining it. It was a glitch. I don't remember it being like that for Innocence in 2015 when I got RZ tickets or for JT this year. I think this first eastern standard time go around presale has/had issues in the programming end or in the supply chain either way....we can point at TM but it is also the responsibility of U2 who is determining the fan levels/access and amount of tickets sold to whom and when.
  15. Unfortunately, I think it is the latter and hope a moderator is seeing this. It really is BS that we go through all these hoops to be a verified fan, longstanding, get first access to sales and then the seats fans want most are limited or not available? I know it's impossible to please everyone and the demand for U2 tickets is off the charts...but....either give it to the fans or don't. Half-assed and making us figure this out every tour like some mystery of the sphinx is really not fun nor fair.
  16. I agree, and I think that is part of the glitch. I kept asking for best available and no GA were coming up as an option either. Although I wanted RZ....so the question is why have a presale, split fans into groups for access to presale, go through a new "verified" fan connection between U2.com and Ticketmaster and then not offer enough of the seats to those fans? Something is still amiss.
  17. RZ1 is the Edge side and RZ2 is the Adam side, to the left and right of stage. Price is $395 and the highest premium seat cost was $331. So $64 difference?
  18. Hey Ashley, it appears that the seating chart is the same from the 2015 Innocence Tour. I believe we don't know yet where exactly the RZ will be or it will be the same. For JT 2017 they kind of fixed this and made the RZ to the left and right similarly but we were tighter and closer to the stage. I am hoping and perhaps we should start a new forum/petition that that will be the case. At the highest price point of tickets, the RZ used to the be the Heart the Ellipse, the place for the fans, now it's GA and a brawl to get close. I understand the demand of true fans, but some of the RZ should be closer access. Let's hope it is!
  19. The past two seemed easier to me. This was glitchy as I said and unclear. Perhaps because we just got the info yesterday and the codes this morning so know research prep info was available on the seating/packages etc...we all had to wing it. I considered seats, but the other thing was the same section kept coming up available. 115 which is kind of to right of stage. Weird. In any event, glad I'll be in the RZ again. I like the vibe there and glad it goes to charity. I've found the ease has been the resale in groups; giving the longer time fans first access has helped. Not sure about this "verify fan" thing on TM though.....I was about to get mad that no RZ were available. I wonder what was happening...??
  20. Mine were RZ2 and have ticket numbers 1772 and 1886
  21. For the past two tours I was in the first group to purchase tickets. On my computer and refreshed exactly on time. Both tours got Red Zone tickets (Innocence and JT in at the MSG and Meadowlands respectively), today I got on for MSG for Experience and no Red Zone tickets were coming up. I had to change from "Best Available" to specifically hitting radar button for Red Zone seating. Had to change number of tickets from 2 to 1. 1 came up available and then switched back to 2 as quantity and got them. This was at 10:09am. Took 9 minutes so something was glitchy in the system. Also no GA tickets were coming up available. None. Only VIP $695 party tickets and the same lower section, 115. The release of tickets for this presale, at least in the first 9 minutes was limited, wonky, glitchy and something is still amiss despite attempts to offer longest term fans a pre-presale, verify fan only through TM and you lower supply to them...??? Something smells fishy. Hope this helps others who want this "experience" too. :-) Grateful I found what I'm looking for...
  22. Thanks to you all...I saved the card and will bring it, the new card, the receipt, my ID, my passport and my left thumb in case they want it too.
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