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  1. Down on the ground,

    the image of the purest

    has touched the floor,

    there it stays 

    until my eyes see it and take it up.


    crash, tears and refrain.

    Long is the path for the clearest view.

    The talk is rich

    and the hope is infinitive,

    the rest is less and not granted.

    Crash, tears and kick the ball, again.

    For someone this is the chant of despair.


    there are missing persons, forgotten souls.

    the book is closed,

    the speech fades away,

    To tell the sorrow is not enough

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  2. High,

    the light of hope,

    never to be forgotten,

    the early days of joy.


    the light of hope,

    it is not to be surrenders to the worst.

    it is not to accept injustice,


    the light of hope.

    It is to find the new force,

    it is to find the reasons to walk together

    and bringing high the light of hope.

    For love and good continuity.

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