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  1. Wow, Cam - I hadn't seen that video b4. Thanx 4 posting! Americans who considered themselves Christian who supported what Reagan was doing in Central America didn't represent all American Christians. They didn't speak for me (although I'm American & Christian). They represented their own viewpoint. I understand where Bono was coming from. I don't think his viewpoint was simplistic - I think it is politics that oversimplifies things. In fact politics oversimplifies to the point of polarization - when it comes to important subjects, politics paints life as if there are only 2 opinion-positions to choose from - as if you're either a saint or you're evil - depending on which 'side' a person chooses. Real life isn't like that. Central Americans who were struggling for self-determination, human rights, & food to feed their families found themselves in the middle of 2 polarized extremes - a simplistic paradigm of 'capitalism vs communism.' In the process, a lot of truth & innocent human lives got sacrificed. The American Constitution & American laws were also flouted by some of the American politicians who supported what was going on in Central America. P.S. Speaking of 'Bullet The Blue..' which is a great song, there are only 2 people in the world who I'd 'take a bullet' for, & Bono's 1 of them (not that I'd want to think of such a thing ever happening, Lord forbid). It's not a celebrity thing & it's not that I think he's a saint - it's for the sake of the good he does.
  2. 1: U go,B-man - blazing thru congress! 2: U go,u2.com - for the webby! 3: I finally found my real name.

  3. Alma1

    E-stage Party

    Does anyone know the exact date that mirrorball-dude (Mark) finally made it up on stage? (I was so happy for him, btw.)
  4. Alma1


    I just commented the same thing in 2016 (a little while ago) at your drawing of Larry at the drumkit - I said I like the font you used for the "U2." (I see u uploaded this in 2014.) Well, it is a great font. Beautiful.
  5. I can picture the scene in the music-video where someone in the band is dancing & someone else (or all of the others) in the band is/are checking out that guy's dancing, kind of considering it & appreciating it. Really funny. I loved it. I think Pop was a great concept. So was Discotheque. One of my all-time favorites from U2 is the remix of Discotheque w/ another one of their songs. Phenomenal.
  6. This drawing makes me think: Save. The. Trees.
  7. Btw, love the coloring in the tree on the right. (Is it a mighty oak?) If the trees could thank u, they would, for bringing their beauty, majesty, & importance to people. Our outbreath is their inbreath - and vice versa. I love trees, too.
  8. WOW to the tree on the right! You really do have a love of trees & it shows. What's happening w/ the trees on the left reminds me of trees uprooted in a tornado. Of course, I realize the artist might've had something else in mind in drawing them (a different interpretation).
  9. This looks to me like gargoyles come to life from architecture.
  10. Lawrence. I dig the shades. And hair. And face. And the drumstick on the left (in his right hand). And the font of the "U2".
  11. Alma1


    Love the Zoo Baby.
  12. Alma1


  13. It's good when there's balance in society. Sustainable use is the way to go. The way society has treated the ecosystem for a long time now isn't sustainable. I just read this today that u posted in December & where u mention the Amazon River it reminded me of part of a STP song I posted yesterday - the part of 'Adhesive' that says "Down the river, down the river" & "it's all so confusing." I think true democracy is usually necessary to protect the environment. If there's too much corruption, too much power in the hands of a tiny percent of people (for ex, too much power in the hands of for-profit corporations) then it's Dangerous for the rest of us.
  14. I think there's a cartoonist in you somewhere. Mad Duck Adventures presents: 'Full Speed Ahead' (or something like that).
  15. Your concern for the ecosystem is great. Mankind is damaging it too much. Too many selfish people aren't considering 'the larger picture.' (As they say, Earth is not given to us by our parents - it is loaned to us by our children.)
  16. HAHAH !!! I thought I was the only one reminiscing about that Edge-Swamp-Owl-ZOO Footage !!!! I just realized my iPad autocorrected "barred" to bard. But yes, loved all the interviews on that documentary. One of the most beautiful photos of an owl I've ever seen. Thanx for posting it.
  17. HAHAH !!! I thought I was the only one reminiscing about that Edge-Swamp-Owl-ZOO Footage !!!! Funny stuff, Chris. And thanx for posting the photo from Adam. Wow, that building's really special. Unique. I like it. Beautiful in the sun, too. P.S. If I forgot to say it, Thanx for the info about the Joshua Tree photo shoots, too.
  18. Alma1


    Hi Lorri. The dude on the right looks familiar. Who is he?
  19. Chris! You've posted what is now my all-time favorite photo of the JT Nat'l Park I've ever seen! (Out of all pics w/out the band in them.) If I've seen this pic b4, I don't remember. Beautiful!! And so glad you created this thread, too.
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