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  1. Capris? Capri pants? You never told me they were capris. (If they were.) But capris (shorter pants like that) are lovely. (Those are great.) This drawing seems simple to a casual observer, but it seems to me that it has a lot of feeling to it. Also, the purple accents through her hair are great. Artistic. Maybe even slightly punky. I love the positions of her feet (& lower legs). From the neck up, it seems to me to have a Japanese anime sort of sensibility. And yes, I did notice the different kinds of leaves on the ground, including what looks to me like leaves from an oak tree. And the space around where she is laying down is altered by her presence. I see the detailing around, for ex, her feet - the lines that represent that alteration - the way that a sheet would be pressed down & slightly wrinkle (radiating outward).

  2. Beautiful. Lovely.


    "Still Nobody gets me."  Hmmm. I think I get you, Chris.


    And maybe her leggings are in the washing machine at the moment w/ a load of clothes.


    And maybe she knows that the leggings are part of her identity - at least to you - and she's concerned that until she gets the leggings back, she will be separated from you. Did you ever think of that? You didn't? Are you sure it's not inconsiderate of you? JUST KIDDING. But seriously, this drawing was a great idea.

  3. Wow, Chris.


    Your drawing, to me, is how a person feels after arguing with ('having words with') a loved one. For me, you posting this drawing - and what you said under it - is very timely. One of my loved ones has an anger problem. Expects other people to understand anything & everything he says all the time w/out being able to ask him to clarify anything, etc. Otherwise he can suddenly 'lose it.' He can be the sweetest person, but then suddenly out of the blue he can get very unreasonable & angry, & become the most unpleasant person w/ the worst attitude. Very unfair.


    Today, that's exactly what happened to a simple conversation w/ him. Totally not my fault. After this happened today, he left & drove away. The other person there, who had not been in the conversation, told me she had 'felt it coming' b4 it happened. She said things had been going too well - that things had been more peaceful than usual. I understood what she meant. The calm b4 the storm. But I told her there was no need to even 'feel it coming' because that's how he is - I've finally realized that - I told her that it's Always going to happen again. Sooner or later. I finally really realized that w/in just the past few months or so. *Sigh.* He always says he's sorry afterwards, but...

  4. When u say u keep them in a big plastic wallet, I hope you don't fold them.


    You might think this is the 1st "Good One" but maybe you should say "Really Good One" because I'd have to disagree if you think none of the others have been good. For ex, 'Two Poplars & An Oak' is not a fleshed out as this one, but it has it's own sparse beauty & makes its own statement. 'Two Poplars & An Oak' is good, too. This opinion is my 2 cents of input! : )

  5. : )  I love them too, my friend. I love them, too!


    So here's a new possible title for a book or an exhibit/installation: 'The Tree Series: the Chris/Claudia Connection' or 'The Tree Series: the Claudia/Chris Connection.'  : )

  6. !!!!!


    Why? Just why? Why would you draw something so lovely & so awesome? I can't speak for you, but I can say this: trees can be wonderful & can represent so much: life itself, perseverance, steadfastness, beauty, even shelter (for birds), etc.


    100% true: if I were a person w/ money, I would either commission you to paint or draw me a tree - or I would buy one that you've already done! I'm already calling these works of yours (in my mind) 'The Tree Series.' Or 'Chris: The Tree Series.'

  7. Speaking of kaleidoscopes, today, on the 33rd anniversary of John Lennon's passing, here's 1 of the most famous references to a kaleidoscope in all of music-lyrics history:


    "Somebody calls you. You answer quite slowly. A girl with kaleidoscope eyes."

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