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  1. Oooh. MacFoley might have a scoop here. If that's how it turns out, remember who figured it out first. If that's not what U2/Apple/itunes planned, maybe they'll get the idea now from MacFoley. If so, there should be royalties in it.
  2. I want to suggest this as a possible title for the new U2 album: 'Unforgettable Sirens on the Horizon That, Boy, We Just Can't Leave Behind' - to be released of course in October.
  3. I'd like to know if there's ever been a band who titled an album 'Now Hear This' - because I think it would make a great album title! Well, at least for some band.
  4. Ko-De, when u say "it's one worth taking a run at as no artist that I can think of has really nailed it yet, and most of the attempts have been distant misses," are u referring to attempts at making a song w/ a theme of sirens that nails it?
  5. Thanks Peter. One more thought about the speculated title 'Sirens': another reason I personally wouldn't like it as a title - in addition to what I mentioned b4 about it making me think of ambulance & police car sirens which are negative, sometimes tragic things - it also makes me think of the word 'Silence,' which is the last thing U2 fans want from U2! I keep saying the names of the other U2 albums over out loud to myself - & then I say 'Sirens' - and I just like the other ones much more.
  6. Mac, I've seen some Twitter accounts in the past that looked like official ones, but weren't. So it's good like u said to take things w/ a grain of salt (even though I'm glad Peter posted this so we could check it out).
  7. MacFoley has a good point about Twitter, I think - to take it w/ a grain of salt.
  8. So far it seems people are either liking or hating that title. To me, it's too short. Not descriptive enough. How about 'Siren Song,' or 'Call of the Siren,' or...? For one thing, just 'Sirens' makes me think of ambulance sirens & police car sirens - which of course are not happy things. So - that's my 2 cents.
  9. Ebony & ivory live together in perfect harmony / side by side on my piano keyboard. Oh Lord, why don't we? (McCartney & Wonder)

    1. ELMARTO


      "We Learn To Live, We Learn To Give

      Each Other What We Need To Survive Together Alive"


      Yeah although it's prob got a fair bit of dust on it :)

    2. Alma1


      Let the dust cloud disappear w/out a trace. Oops! Wrong song! Lol. But I think we about covered Ebony & Ivory - except the middle instrumental part! But we could always repeat the chorus. :)

    3. ELMARTO
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  10. Saw about Tommy Ramone passing. At 1st, thought the pic was Eddie Van Halen & my heart plummeted! I saw The Ramones yrs ago. RIP.

    1. pain_18_


      What are you talking about Alma ????

    2. Alma1


      "Gabba gabba hey" was a Ramones thing, & 'I Want To Be Sedated' was a song they sang. That concert was the only one I've been to where the floor swayed!! It kind of undulated up & down. (Actually had me a little concerned.) But I'm still alive! :D

    3. pain_18_


      Sounds like Fun !

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  11. The trenches dug within... How long? How long?

  12. Wow. Thank you, S! : )
  13. Alma1

    teepee 04

    P. S. I wish I could say I can't see it for the trees. But I just can't see it.
  14. Alma1

    teepee 04

    Hello S. Hmmm. Um, so...where's the forest?
  15. Great! haha Seriously... three times? He should be banned forever. Yup. Seems worse than immature.
  16. Ooooooooo. One for The Slang Thread.
  17. Ooooo. I'll hafta try that some day!
  18. *coughColombiacough* In other languages we call it Columbia ! Did someone mention Columbia Colombia Columbia... And the World Cup?
  19. I love watching whichever ones I can catch. Something freeing about your country not being in the match & not rooting for either side - just watching for the love of the sport - the game itself. Like when someone asked me what I was watching & I said "Uruguay vs. Some other country." (Ghana or Chile or...)
  20. Company confuses Barack Obama with Chris Smalling on England team mug set. Wholesale Clearance UK Getty Images By Sean Leahy June 23, 2014 10:37 AM Dirty Tackle It's been a forgettable World Cup for England on the pitch. Off the pitch, one company is having a forgettable few days as well, as they had hoped to cash in on a successful tournament for The Three Lions, as the Sunday Express notes. Among the English World Cup merchandise an unnamed British company had created featuring the likenesses of the English soccer team were a set of mugs that included one glaring error. You could purchase a Steven Gerrard or Joe Hart or Wayne Rooney, among others, but if you’re a big Chris Smalling fan, you might notice something a tad off about his appearance. U.S. President Barack Obama does not play center back for Manchester United or the English national team. Realizing its mistake, the company turned to online re-seller Wholesale Clearance UK to dump the error-filled inventory. The item description explains what happened: The Dorset company in question (whose blushes we shall protect for now....maybe!) was given the seemingly easy job of sourcing royalty free pictures of each England squad player to use on the England mugs – along with other accompanying items such as England coasters, England mouse mats etc. They passed this onto to their young, bright eyed and bushy tailed new apprentice. The designs were proofed and signed off by the Boss, who had clearly had a heavy night with the lads playing poker and before he’d had his first vat of coffee the following morning. Due to our ongoing commitment to help local companies get their products noticed, last Wednesday 2,000 of each of the England items came into the warehouse. We eagerly unpacked them and on close inspection it turned out that the Chris Smalling cup had Barack Obama’s head on instead of Chris’s. The apprentice claims that he used that well known search engine, Google, to source the pictures. The thing is he’s more of a rugby fan and not very clued up on football. Suffice to say that when he Google image searched ‘Chris Smalling’ he copied the first picture he liked the look of and the result was that the President of the United States has ended up on an England cup instead of the English defender. So, if you would like to purchase 2,000 Obama England national team mugs, it will run you £2,000. They're bound to be collector's items by now. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/soccer-dirty-tackle/company-confuses-barack-obama-with-chris-smalling-on-england-team-mug-set--photo-143719664.html
  21. A great cause. (RED): cool. Bono deserves the award. Some great photos here. I especially like the 1st one & the one where Bono has his hands in the air. I really like the name of the award, it has a great logo, and the set (the backdrop) for the award was really classy, beautiful, artistic, & functional all at the same time. Great.
  22. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for posting, Fernanda & Cam.
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