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    Have To Count!

    11484: Not fair, Cam! But I'm happy for you!
  2. you mean, comedian? No, I don't mean comedic. I know what you mean about comedic sketches though - we call those 'skits' (like what they do on Saturday Night Live). When I said a vignette or a sketch, I meant a small piece of writing that kind of 'sketches' an experience or scene - or part(s) of it. Vignettes ("vin YETTS") - that's what I think of it as. I like the concept / idea of doing that! (In a way, it's a bit of a mini-story, if you can even call it long enough to be a story. It's shorter than a short story.)
  3. It's more than ok to join in, tracmic. It's very welcome. I'm wondering if you wrote what you posted here? Also, I think some of your 2nd post would lend itself to being song lyrics. Yes Alma1 all the words are mine. Thank you for saying about the lyrics part. Sometimes I let the world creep in and just have to let words be words. I have a lot of little musings that I will add. Thank you for the kindness. "Yes Alma1 all the words are mine." Interesting words. "Thank you for saying about the lyrics part...Thank you for the kindness." No problema.
  4. When you say "get lost in" do you mean carried away / engrossed in / caught up in...or do you mean "lost" as in 'can't seem to find my way' / 'head down the wrong path' / 'can't seem to find my bearings?'
  5. Alma1

    Oak Tree

    When u say u keep them in a big plastic wallet, I hope you don't fold them. You might think this is the 1st "Good One" but maybe you should say "Really Good One" because I'd have to disagree if you think none of the others have been good. For ex, 'Two Poplars & An Oak' is not a fleshed out as this one, but it has it's own sparse beauty & makes its own statement. 'Two Poplars & An Oak' is good, too. This opinion is my 2 cents of input! : )
  6. Alma1

    Oak Tree

    I hope you're able to make your drawings on acid-free paper or whatever kind of paper will last through the years w/out turning yellow or getting discolored at the edges. Keep 'em protected. : )
  7. Alma1

    Oak Tree

    : ) I love them too, my friend. I love them, too! So here's a new possible title for a book or an exhibit/installation: 'The Tree Series: the Chris/Claudia Connection' or 'The Tree Series: the Claudia/Chris Connection.' : )
  8. Alma1

    Oak Tree

    Also, a tree is. Trees deserve a tribute. Your drawings give them that, Chris!
  9. Alma1

    Oak Tree

    !!!!! Why? Just why? Why would you draw something so lovely & so awesome? I can't speak for you, but I can say this: trees can be wonderful & can represent so much: life itself, perseverance, steadfastness, beauty, even shelter (for birds), etc. 100% true: if I were a person w/ money, I would either commission you to paint or draw me a tree - or I would buy one that you've already done! I'm already calling these works of yours (in my mind) 'The Tree Series.' Or 'Chris: The Tree Series.'
  10. "a telling , in an unknown place, not a prosperous environment, in that time, two friends, on holiday time: we sit on a bench and waiting for the train to come...And suddenly i have no past, instead a push inside that i have to tell and tell." Paola, when I read what you posted there, I thought "Ahhh - a vignette. " It's like a little sketch in writing.
  11. It's more than ok to join in, tracmic. It's very welcome. I'm wondering if you wrote what you posted here? Also, I think some of your 2nd post would lend itself to being song lyrics.
  12. This was on twitter yesterday from the ZooMods: U2.com Zoo Mods ‏@U2comZooMods 21h The moment when you look over your budget, and start SIGNIFICANTLY incrementing your contribution to your #U2Tix&Travel fund has arrived Reply Retweeted Favorited Thanks for this, Mich. I used to be big into Twitter, but I stopped because it was kind of addictive to me. I figure I'm likely to hear the important Twitter stuff from someone sharing it elsewhere, like you just did here. Knowing that the mods themselves have said it's time to contribute more to U2 tix-&-travel funds is newsworthy.
  13. Glad to hear. An icon - yes. That he is. Pain/ Chris: funny stuff.
  14. Chris, I just saw your newest art post over at The Art Thread. I'm so glad you agreed w/ my suggestion that you should post your art over there. Please keep sharing your art w/ us!!
  15. P.S. Chris, I'm about to hop over to The Art Thread to see what you posted there. Then I'll be logging off. See ya around.
  16. Hi Chris! I'm looking forward to seeing it one day, too. I hear it's a really good, well-made movie. Hey, as long as you're here, here's my 2 cents of thoughts on something I see that u said earlier. You had said "Should an artist be involved in politics ? No! Because politics demands compromise..." Well, I understand your concern in general about compromise, but the level of compromise you're concerned about happens w/ people who are actual politicians and w/ people who get paid by politicians & political parties. The rest of society - the millions of us who are not politicians & don't get paid by them - can't leave governing up to the politicians or we're all in trouble. We have to breathe down their necks to make them do what's right or they won't do it on their own.
  17. I just came back here to say that I realize now it was a different Steve McQueen Bono was referring to. I see that dlperry & pain_18_ (Chris) added notes about it after my comment, which I'm seeing now, too, for the 1st time. Thanks! Anyways, here's a clip I found of the correct Steve McQueen - the director of the movie '12 Years A Slave' : http://www.deadline.com/2014/01/steve-mcqueen-on-the-violence-in-12-years-a-slave-either-i-was-going-to-make-a-film-about-slavery-or-i-wasnt/
  18. Btw, that juxtaposition of Bono & Larry in that last pic is priceless.
  19. Hey, they're looking great & congrats to the band for the Golden Globe win! I caught the movie and I have to say, the song fit in with the move perfectly. “We wrote a love story – or a love song rather – because it’s kind of what’s extraordinary about the film…it is this kind of dysfunctional love story – and that’s why you should see it…You know about the global statesman – you don’t know about the man. That’s why you should see this film…We’re good at the dysfunctional love stories.” – Bono accepting a Golden Globe award for ‘Ordinary Love.’
  20. This photo couldn't be more perfect if this scene had been labored over for an entire year at a wax museum! Are we sure it's real? (Just kidding.)
  21. Congratulations to U2! And thank you for the update, Fernanda!
  22. From febottini's link: The Washington Post: BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — "While many stars are awash in the gifts and parties of Golden Globes weekend, a few used their privilege to benefit the people of Haiti — and they were rewarded with an intimate performance by U2. ...Sean Penn’s third annual Help Haiti Home benefit, which raised nearly $6 million for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization. The dinner party at the Montage Hotel included a surprise performance by U2— the band’s first in four years..."
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