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  1. U2 Don't Promote their Best Songs?

    I completely agree on the NLotH singles. I tend to change the order of songs on most of their albums as well. Magnificent should've been the first single. I can hear DJs having to say, "U2 is back and their new single is Magnificent..." How'd they miss that opportunity??? In the case of their new album, Your The Best Thing About Me was a great choice for first single. After that, it's the question of a great song vs. a great single. Not every song can be both. Personally, I'd go for Lights of Home, Red Flag Day, and Summer of Love. The Blackout could've been a single, too. Summer of Love is a bit understated when you think of what's on radio. Then again, consider what With Or Without You must've seemed like in the context of spring 1987! That was a game changer. I know a few Lady Gaga fans who love the fact that she is singing on Summer of Love. It could be a dark single. Some pop needs to go there though.
  2. U2 2020/2021...The REAL I/E Tour=Boy+Achtung Baby???

    Boy is a top shelf album from front to back. There's always a gimmick with these tours, like a giant space ship-like stage setup for 360, for instance. Boy would bring loads of people out to see them. Achtung Baby would as well. The space/baby face symbol replacing the Joshua tree is a brilliant idea! U2 need to return to Oz and perhaps Japan as well...South America seems to eat up their shows. I'm in Lincoln, Nebraska, so I usually just have to drive a few hours to see them...or catch the train. It'll be Tulsa for me next, most likely. I saw Zoo TV twice. I was sixteen at the time. In hindsight, it's completely insane that that show ever happened at all. Completely mental.
  3. U2 2020/2021...The REAL I/E Tour=Boy+Achtung Baby???

    I'm guessing U2 could play Boy in its entirety, take a twenty minute break, then play Achtung Baby in its entirety. After that, perhaps an encore, but those two albums already total 23 tunes. That's a lot of show. I guess I'm just itching for the media madness to return. Let's go back to Trabantland...
  4. I don't know if this forum would be a good place in which to begin a petition, but I welcome better ideas of how to go about it... I keep imagining the Innocence/Experience idea being taken to its next logical step, which is a tour celebrating Boy and Achtung Baby. I don't think this is too far fetched of an idea. As magical tours in U2's history go, this would be an absolute smash. Please comment as to whether you would like to see this pair of albums on tour.
  5. Achtung Baby: why?

    Is it just me, or is the REAL Innocence + Experience moment still ahead of us? Think about this for a second...2020/2021...U2 tour Boy AND Achtung Baby. You know I'm right, people... we should start a petition or something...
  6. Achtung Baby: why?

    JCF, thank you very much for your kind words! Most appreciated! Grande 3:16, your remark about the chorus of Zoo Station sounding like "gestation" made me smile. Considering that the song is partly about a baby coming into the world, and considering the difficult conception and birthing process for Achtung Baby, "gestation" would've been quite apt!
  7. Achtung Baby: why?

    The risk U2 was taking is ultimately part of the continuum of artists who have successfully pulled off a contrast reinvention. Think of Dylan going electric, The Beatles creating Revolver and Sgt. Pepper, Bowie leaving the Ziggy persona to become Halloween Jack, The Thin White Duke, and then to leave for Berlin to compose what is arguably is best and most career-defining work with Eno and Visconti. U2 had already made a big leap from War to The Unforgettable Fire. The Joshua Tree was a fantastic record and another change, though The Unforgettable Fire made us more ready for the sonic environment that Lanois, Eno, and U2 are capable of creating. Achtung Baby was perhaps the biggest leap of all, though not just because of the sonic shift. The entire attitude of the group shifted. Irony was new. Earth shattering, too. U2 didn't do irony. They were in a long-running earnest-off with Bruce Springsteen. Dance rhythms? Check. Hip Hop? Yep. Wah wah guitar effects, overdrive guitar effects, drum machines, distorted vocals, big keyboard sounds, samples... The subject matter was shifting as well. Jesus was still in there, but now Judas? Betrayal is the keyword of these times. "To serve the age, betray it." That was the quote driving U2. How many fans first felt massively let down, even depressed, when The Fly first rolled out. I know I was at sea for a time. Everything you know is wrong, indeed... This record was like a car crash you just had to look at, despite initial feelings of horror. Then, over weeks and months, this black beauty started to make more and more sense. No wonder the band left three months before the first show of the tour. The fans needed time to tuck into the winter of 1991-1992 and really chew on this new sound. By the time ZOO TV arrived, the fans were ready. Or, they thought they were ready. Changes, yet again. Media madness, satellite of love, you can go anywhere... U2 went as far as you could go. Then an unexpected album in summer 1993, the Bosnia broadcasts, the glory of Macphisto, Johnny Cash on the moon... What a time to be 16, 17, 18 years of age, as I was. What a perfect sendoff into the uncertainty of post-adolescence. Yet "uncertainty can be a guiding light". Ultraviolet is the other watchword of the time. The spirituality is still there. Ultraviolet is just beyond our vision. The spirit, vision over visibility. Following love, wherever that ride takes you. U2 have never been given their proper due for that massive back flip of faith. Their fans, the ones that went along for the ride, were rewarded handsomely. What a thrill of a time. If you ever need to take that trip then do yourself a solid and dig the following... Besides Achtung Baby, Zooropa, and the singles/b-sides from those albums, and Night And Day, from the album Red Hot and Blue, get U2 ZOO TV Live In Sydney DVD U2 At The End Of The World by Bill Flanagan That's a great start if you need to get your fix of U2's very best era.
  8. U2 2017 Tour Theme Speculation...

    I can see a lot of merit in playing every Joshua Tree without strictly adhering to performing the songs in the album's running order. I just don't think it's going to happen. Since the album will most likely be the second set, that just leaves what the first set and encores will be. I like your song choices a lot!
  9. U2 2017 Tour Theme Speculation...

    I dunno... Bono talked about the B-sides in the Facebook Q&A with fond memories and great appreciation. I have a feeling that at least some of those will get an airing somehow. As for Acrobat, I think that the lyrics, in the new world disorder of alternative facts, fake news, and the sharp right turn in Western politics that has occurred in England, the U.S., and elsewhere, make that song's stock value rise to meet our present circumstances with wringing hands holding themselves back from becoming clenched fists. The words of Acrobat, "don't believe what you hear, don't believe what you see, if you just close your eyes, you can feel the enemy..." and "no, nothing makes sense, nothing seems to fit, I know you'd hit out, if you only knew who to hit", resonate in a new way now... Meanwhile, The Fly is the phone call from Hell. Until the End of the World is, well, a harbinger of the Apocalypse. As themes go, I feel a Welcome to the Terrordome vibe coming. No holds barred. I think the aforementioned Set One that I predict/propose IS a kind of Songs of Experience package. I won't mind if they give the present show a break for a few months and perhaps merge their new show with elements of the last tour's presentation when the next album arrives...
  10. U2 2017 Tour Theme Speculation...

    Given what has been said by members of U2 about this upcoming tour and holding off on releasing Songs of Experience until later in the year, I find myself thinking of what songs will be played this time around. Of course, The Joshua Tree LP is a given. However, that's eleven songs and U2 typically does another thirteen or more tunes each night. I remembered something Bono once said about opening up the Zoo TV shows with Acrobat. He thought it would be a bit of a f*** you to the audience though. The song has never been played in concert or anywhere else from what I know. I think it's time that Acrobat got its comeuppance. After the experience of 2016, everyone talking of living in a post-truth era, that song has a new power. I also think that U2 will reference many of the great artists lost in 2016. While Bowie, Prince, George Martin, George Michael and Leonard Cohen spring to mind, Alan Vega and Buckwheat Zydeco also died in 2016. Alan Vega's Suicide was a great influence on U2. Buckwheat Zydeco played support on The Joshua Tree tour. Bono can be seen asking about them, if I recall correctly, in Rattle and Hum outtakes floating around on YouTube. The B-sides from The Joshua Tree era are very special to fans. I won't be surprised if they're played regularly. Here's the set I thought might be cooking at the moment. I think the songs fit the themes U2 have discussed of late. Acrobat The Fly Until The End Of The World/Anthem New Year's Day I Will Follow Vertigo Desire Spanish Eyes Silver And Gold Sunday Bloody Sunday/Please/Hallelujah Bad/Ruby Tuesday/Sympathy For The Devil/Walk On The Wild Side/Norwegian Wood Where The Streets Have No Name I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For/Exodus With Or Without You/Shine Like Stars/Love Will Tear Us Apart Bullet The Bullet Sky Running To Stand Still/Dirty Old Town Red Hill Mining Town In God's Country Trip Through Your Wires One Tree Hill Exit/Riders On The Storm/Gloria Mothers Of The Disappeared/El Pueblo Vencera City Of Blinding Lights Beautiful Day One/MLK Pride (In The Name Of Love) Angel Of Harlem/People Get Ready Sweetest Thing Party Girl "40" I don't quite know where U2 will drop in references to Bowie or Prince. Desire's rhythm seems to work with that of Faith by George Michael. Bono once covered Hallelujah, so maybe he'll touch on it again, as he has from time to time. Whatever happens, I am very happy that they're back!
  11. Let's talk about the set list/ Set List [merged]

    U2.com should have a U2 setlist contest. Pick 24-30 songs that U2 will perform. Whoever is closest to the set U2 choose gets some excellent prize. Here's the set I'm betting on... Zoo Station Vertigo Elevation Even Better Than The Real Thing Mysterious Ways I Will Follow Sunday Bloody Sunday Every Breaking Wave (full band this time) Until The End Of The World New Year's Day Gloria City Of Blinding Lights Beautiful Day Where The Streets Have No Name I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For With Or Without You Bullet The Blue Sky Running To Stand Still Red Hill Mining Town In God's Country Trip Through Your Wires One Tree Hill Exit Mothers Of The Disappeared Desire Angel Of Harlem Out Of Control One MLK/Pride (In The Name Of Love) Bad/"40"
  12. The Joshua Tree And Me (30th Anniversary Upcoming)

    u2tapecollector, that is a MIGHTY U2 collection! Very, very impressive!
  13. Rolling Stone - U2 Detail The Joshua Tree Summer Tour

    I think it'd be fitting if the summer shows began with Acrobat. We are in the post-truth era, after all. "I must be an acrobat to talk like this and act like that" sums up things quite nicely...
  14. Will U2 be touring this year? (MERGED)

    I exchanged emails with Willie Williams last week via his website. He is optimistic that they will be on the road later this year.
  15. I really like the idea of a complete concert recording from the 2015 I/E tour... Meanwhile, I don't mind if the subscriber gift takes awhile. This double vinyl and digital download of Another Time Another Place was brilliant. It really reminded me of the amazing energy and mystery that was the early U2 experience. They sound so powerful and the vibe is truly electric.