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  1. Daniperez, Are your tickets electronic or paper? I sent you the same question on September, 09, as a private message, I see you have read it on September, 10, still waiting for your answer EDIT: already got the tickets, thanks anyway.
  2. Just for the info: got my presale code - I see it in my profile, there is no promised email yet.
  3. Looking for 2(two) GA(standing) paper tickets for Barcelona 06 Paypal available.
  4. Today on September 09 I have renewed my U2.com subscription and have got an email from U2.com which includes this: "With your subscription to U2.com we're pleased to offer you the chance to take part in the ticket pre-sale, which end Saturday, December 6th at noon (all times local)." I won't use my presale code (if it will appear in my account info) for any 2015 date and I have some questions: - If the band announces the dates for 2016, will my presale code be available after December 06? - December 06 2015 is Sunday, not Saturday, so maybe it is some mistake or misprint in the text of the email?
  5. At some moment I noticed that the english version of TM.es was down while the spanish version was ok. It was a 3-hour mess with no possibility to get even the cheapest 30,00-Eur ticket.
  6. Anyone got standing (pista) tickets today? I spent 3 hours at Ticketmaster.es - and was thrown many times after choosing tickets and mentioning my details ;((
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