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  1. They tend to open the gates generally an hour before showtime. I think it was maybe a half an hour earlier in Boston in 2015 for GA/Red Zone. Start time is 6:30, rather early. They also hand out GA numbers earlier in the day. We got ours at noontime in Boston and got around 300. That night, we lined up according to our numbers. Only really important if you are a rail sprinter. That wasn't required to get a good spot for us, though. Even entering at 300.
  2. 48. ZooTV Denver 1992 , Pop Denver 1997, Houston Compaq Center 2001&2005, 360 Houston Reliant 2009, Boston 2 2015. Going to Houston and Dallas JT30!
  3. Can't you print out the reserved ticket? If so, let him use the card....
  4. It was just a staging dry run. It is being torn down now.
  5. Reserved seating is still available direct from Ticketmaster at face value in Houston. Upper level, but there to be bought...
  6. As long as they are not credit card tickets (And I believe that only GA /Red Zone are those), you can sell them on any other platform, such as Stubhub, Seatgeek,etc. Or here at face value with fees. Great tickets,btw.
  7. Glad we booked the Hilton up the road as soon as the second show was announced. No problem for us, but it booked solid right afterwards.
  8. Around 200 GA still available. Will be gone in a day. Don't wait. Also nosebleed upper deck.
  9. Houston and Dallas GA. Got London 2 field level Tree stage for my English cousins as well!
  10. I'm doing the same thing!
  11. They're selling about 700 a day of GA's, 962 left. The $157 midfield nosebleeds aren't moving, though.. Amazingly, 3,500 GA left in Pittsburgh!
  12. Tickets except credit card ones can be resold on ticketmaster once, then they are marked sold/resold and can't be sold through them again.
  13. If you missed out on Dallas GA, don't make the scalpers rich, 1,200 Houston GA still available! 260 miles ain't nothing for Texans... ;-)
  14. Failure to sell out quickly in several cities, including nearby Houston, would indicate no on a second Dallas show. Still possible, as the four extra Europe dates were announced as "second and final dates", while no similar language accompanied the three extra US show announcement. Grab some Houston GA's , still 1,200 available!
  15. What Europe tickets do you have? Another possibility is going in Houston. GA still available there...
  16. 1,200 GA left now. If you missed out elsewhere, come on down, y'all! Did I mention that we've got some incredible BBQ being sold in the stadium by Killen's BBQ now? Food network rated Killen's in the top few in Texas.
  17. 1,200 GA still available in Houston now. The incredible thing is 3,600 GA available in Pittsburgh! The only thing I can surmise is that the Trump broadsides annoyed some fans who decided not to go. This is really unheard of, so many days into a sale. Especially incredible when you realize that U2's last Houston show was in 2009! Granted, Americans prefer reserved to GA seating in general, but real fans know GA is best for U2. There are also a lot of mid-field upper deck seats available. I think those are going slowly due to the $157+ fees being quite steep for nosebleed in a stadium. We had field level, two thirds of the way up, even with the front of the stage for 360, and that seemed too far away at times. Can't imagine what the upper deck would be like. We got GA and will be very happy, I'm sure.. GA in Boston two years ago was about as close to Heaven as I've been at a U2 show. Amazing!
  18. Collector's ticket is for UK buyers only. I got London 2 e-tickets from the USA no problem. L4, row 30, woohoo!
  19. brupars

    IMG 1004a

    From the album: 7/11 Boston 2

    Boston 7/11/15
  20. From the album: 7/11 Boston 2

    Boston 7/11/15
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