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    Music-motorcycles-good food-laughter-politics-friends-not cracked nicotine or caffeine yet, so guess am intersted in both of them 4 know at least!
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    The Joshua Tree
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    Bullet The Blue Sky
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    Beatles-Stones-Dylan-Stevie Ray Vaughan-Hendrix-Roger Chapman-Lynyrd Skynyrd-Johnny Cash-Howlin' Wolf-Muddy Waters-The Pogues-The Clash-Paul Weller-Dr Feelgood-The Animals-Billy Bragg-Rory Ellis-Jeff Beck-Bob Marley-Rory Galagher-Jake Bug-Amy Winehouse-John Mayall's Bluesbreakers-Thin Lizzy-Motorhead-TheCult-Alabama 3-The Waterboys-Nazareth-Steve Gibbons Band-Tom Petty-Steve Earle-Lonnie Donegan-Van Morrison-Santana-Ten Years After-Sex Pistols-The Jam-Adelle-BB King-Albert King-Allman BrothersThe Kinks-TheAnimals-The Faces-Little Feat-The Travelling Wilburys-Deep Purple-Led Zeppelin-Pink Floyd-Neil Young-Stephen Stills

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  1. Hi Zhivvy, mighty kind, mighty kind! TD
  2. Hi, names Tony and live in Dorsetshire. Middle aged biker working in Bovington. Love music of all kinds, blues, punk, ska, country, reggae, metal, psycodelic rock, flok etc..think you get my drift. Have been into U2 since I saw "Red Rocks" many years ago! Saw Rattle & Hum at flix with friend Sally, still many years ago, but not as many as b4! I've missed the band in person a few times, so am really looking forward to tour dates for the new album! TD
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