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  1. SoE delayed in Europe?

    Yup. Its on now. I'm impressed so far.
  2. I can do that for free on spotify
  3. When that happens the presale is pretty much the same as a general sale. So I've bought the album for nothing. Great.
  4. To be honest if you don't pay for the album why should you get a code.
  5. Looked at instructions for new presale. Now explicit that no member is guaranteed to access presales. So I'm afraid despite the disaster of the first presale the band are happy to exclude loyal fans who have supported them for decades . They should hang their heads in shame.
  6. I am huge U2 fan but I hope they don't sell the majority of the 350 dollar seats and play to half full arenas. Teach them a lesson. Them being promoters or band or TM. whoever set prices don't really care. They need a slap in the face. I also hope a lot of fans disown them after thjs. They deserve it.
  7. The rule before was unused allocation is transferable during a tour. Hope they are not svrewibg us with that too. I expect presales for additional dates.
  8. Exactly. Though my friend who was shut out has since been sent a code. Are they doing a u-turn.
  9. Innocence emails

    I think this being sorted. My friend had the .”screw you no code for you” email but then got sent a code today.
  10. Just recieved an email to say I am ineligible for US presales because I used a code to buy Joshua Tree tickets. I must renew although my subscription has still 2 months left. I know this has aleadybeen discussed throughout the forum but I have a valid subscription so whoever thought of this policy is purely thinking of extracting the maximum cash from fans. SHAME ON YOU U2. You need the extra 40 dollars from me. I thought you already had great lives.
  11. The TM verified fan rules mention no duplicate phone numbers, names, emails etc
  12. Renewal required or not??

    They are not clear. Some people have instructions in their account that does not include renewing. So are able to have setup complete status without renewing.
  13. Eurpoean Presale-verified fan???

    Not required for Europe. But maybe new rules for next year like wash Bono's yacht or maybe clean the windows of one of his three mansions! And of course pay another 40 quid for a subscription.
  14. It is a shame but if you are using presale for seats I wouldn't worry. All decent seats are likely to be over 300 dollars so at that price there will be lots left long after general sale has started. But if you want GA you might need the presale.
  15. Do you feel as being ripped of ?

    The seat plan is for may 28 in atlanta but would imagine it will be same elsewhere