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  1. [EXPLETIVE DELETED] holding cameras up

    Thats what I plan to do if people are doing that BS at shows I go to. Make a stand folks!!
  2. 2017 Subscription Gift Announced

    I saw that too. I suppose that is a consolation. But find it bizarre to offer a gift that majority have no use for. Why not have an exclusive live download of a whole concert for example. Although I am looking at frames for the covers so might get some benefit from it.
  3. 2017 Subscription Gift Announced

    Four live songs for download....hold me back...
  4. 2017 Subscription Gift Announced

    Why have a gift that the majority of people can't even listen to. WTF ! Thank god for ebay. I just hope I can get enough to recoup my subs fee.
  5. 2017 Subscription Gift Announced

    All very nice but I don't have a freakin record player. I'll enjoy looking at them and imagining what they sound like.
  6. Didn't releasie Bruce had started this! Would love for U2 to do this as well. Being the corporate money making machine they are these days, it can only be a matter of time before they latch onto this cash cow.
  7. No notice for Pre sale tickets

    The pre sale codes are displayed on the tours page when you log in. so if you went to look at the dates for the tour which I imagine you must have done if you were looking to buy tickets. then you would have seen that no?.
  8. It is poor that some people benefitted from the loophole but i'm not sure if have the ability to cross refer. Especially with different ticket agencies. Added to that the millions of times people accessed sites with codes but didnt buy but it registered you used the code on some sites but not others. It could prove to be very dificult to trace. Perhaps the mods are in a better position to say it is possible.
  9. Is the Pre-Sale code "use it or lose it"?

    Think you can use it for more 2015 shows but by the time they sell tickets to stadium shows in 2016 we will be into a new subscription year and you should then get s new code. Doubt the original codes will still show on your sccount by thrn.
  10. $300 Upper Level Tickets - Shameful

    I'm afraid I have to agree. Looked at different venues in UK and found all the decent seats were the top price. £160-180 for one ticket. Jesus! Who can afford £350 to go to a concert with their friend/partner! I don't know why U2 feel the need to make so much profit on their tickets. Don't get me started on the VIP packages. Hotel/meal/ticket £2000 plus for two people. I'm curious to know exactly who that is aimed at. Certainly not your average U2 fan.
  11. At least there is a process for resolving issues. Although it is a long process. Not sure what was wrong with the e tickets? It must take a long time to gain entry to venues when everbodyy hast scan their bleedin credit card.
  12. No notice for Pre sale tickets is a great site but for the latest news, rumours etc always check You will never miss anything that is happening in the world of u2 again.
  13. Presale Code Invalid

    I have exact same problem with Amsterdam, yesterday with Experience you could go in and out to check tickets before committing. HELP !!!!
  14. Entered my code in Amsterdam presale but didn't complete transaction. Had a second thought and now definitely want to go for Amsterdam. Went back to site and Presale code now invalid. Any ideas how I reeset the code???? HELP !!!!!