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    Vinyl records! Beyond U2, I especially love 1970's New York and British punk!
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    The Joshua Tree
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    ZooTv indoors at Nassau Colesseum in March 1992.
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    Joshua Tree 2017 at Gillette Stadium.
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    MSG 2005 November--made it into the ellipse, got to pat Bono on the back (and get smacked away by his body guard) and got a hi-five feom Adam's bass!
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    Brandi Carlile, Midnight Oil, The Lumineers, Mike Peters and the Alarm

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  1. I'm in upstate NY and have not received it yet either.
  2. Wow! GA for MSG 7/22 with TM Phone App! I am so sorry for all of the nonsense that people had to go through with yesterday's presale. Please know that because of how amazing this community has always been, your voices were heard and it seems TM really did get their act together for this one.

    1. Jen


      Is it possible they are all sold out? I've been trying for nearly 2 hours now and says none available

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