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  1. So I came across U2: Live in Berlin on DirecTV last night. It seems like it was only part of the show (started with Elevation on the B Stage). What the hell was I looking at? Was that from the same show as the DVD (I'm assuming)? BTW: It was awesome. I can't wait to get the full show.
  2. Good morning! It's going to be a Beautiful Day here in California...
  3. Got my discs yesterday. I haven't had any problems with Disc One. Haven't listened to Disc Two yet. For those waiting, it took 11 days from my shipping email to receipt. Rock on!
  4. There's a link alright. It just doesn't work. ☹️
  5. Yeah, so it's now Sunday morning here. 7 days since my "it shipped" email. The good news is the tracking option has been added to my profile page. The bad news is when I enter my zip code, I get a "wrong store" message. I've seen monkey shit fights more organized than this! 😉
  6. Yeah, so I got my email Sunday. It's now Friday. My email did not contain any tracking information. It did say this: "PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to provide you with the most expedient delivery, your order may not include a packing slip. Rest assured that you can reference your order details on your account at any time here:(link to my order)." But of course the link just leads back to the home page. No shipping info at all. I mean...come on...
  7. The email has arrived! The discs are on their way.
  8. And kingdoms rise, and kingdoms fall....
  9. That's not exactly true... "The complete tracklisting will be published in early 2019 with shipping beginning in Spring 2019." https://www.u2.com/news/title/innocence--experience-live-2015--2018 When we renew our memberships, the band offers incentives to do so. This one is particularly cool, but also, months late. That's a fact. I'm not angry or anything (although a little more transparency would be nice), but let's not make it out to be our fault for expecting them to keep their word (or at the very least, explain clearly why they aren't).
  10. Yes, I realize things happen. That's understandable. But an update would be greatly appreciated, as it is now mid-July.
  11. Got my email, renewed with no problem. Very glad to be getting discs of the live shows as the gift. The vinyl stuff is kind of cool....but I don't have a record player! 😄 We saw Innocence in San Jose, Experience in Las Vegas. Really looking forward to hearing how the shows came out when recorded Thanks!
  12. In fact Vegas 2 gave us one less song that Vegas 1, and nothing new from one night to the other. I admit I was disappointed by that. The shows themselves were awesome.
  13. The show was fantastic. I’m not complaining about the performance at all. I would have liked a little more variety, that’s all.
  14. Okay, so I have a bit of a beef with the band. They played really well tonight. Sounded great. BUT!!! Not only did they not play anything different from Night One, they actually cut a song (Red Flag Day) from the night one setlist. WTF? I didn’t expect a whole new set or even a large number of changes, but nothing? Why would they do that? It doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m glad we went and we had a good time, but come on. They’ve played NYD and Wild Horses in other cities. They rehearsed The Showman. Throw us a bone here.
  15. Got ourselves settled in the Jack Daniels Lounge at T Mobile, after Lamb Stew at Nine Fine Irishmen. All is right with the universe! Have a great show everyone!
  16. That was awesome. What a great show! Cant wait to see them again tonight. Have fun everyone!
  17. We have arrived and checked in. All systems are go. All lights are green.
  18. We are at the airport, should be getting in to Vegas around noon. Vegas, Baby!!!!
  19. They scan that image right from our phones. Row and seat numbers don't mean anything for GA. Rock and Roll!!
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