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  1. great live yesterday, a lot of emotions, a perfect sound, it's hard to find the words to express how i felt and i'm still in that ambiance now
  2. yeah, it'll be very special, the emotional level will be higher than ever !
  3. i think U2 made the right choice to play in december. The security will be OK , more policemen and soldiers, people will not be allowed to gather near Bercy, etc.And it's a great support for us -french people- to have them with us, together we'll be STRONGER THAN FEAR !!! We must live as we used to live before,surely a little bit more paranoiac, but those bastards won't change our love of life, fun and music !!!!
  4. i love this one, "la liberté guidant le peuple" de Delacroix, this drawing of Plantu is wonderful !
  5. nice pic, it makes me think about some bridges in Paris...
  6. nice pic, sad but great !for me nature in winter seems always in a deep "coma", my favourite season is spring, a kind of re-birth ...
  7. c'est magnifique, presque irréel ...
  8. it makes me think about Van Gogh and Chagall ! thank u to share it with us.
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