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  1. blue waves: in blue waves of silence // are ways to move mountains to set a part - wait for your hearts dreams and visions to change to blue waves// they can not be turned off like a tv or changed like a song unless you let them they are windows to the golden memories of the past...quiet as the house on the hill, of 3 days last... only to be awoken by a dream- true< threw blue lights mood// waves of two old souls that had nothing better to do than say, hello. Deep waters are a prison without their waves of expression reaching shore, it's freedom...simple as the mood of love// superstring theory and the waves behind it are silly string with out the laws of heaven above life's only alter with birds and bee's alone, along with all the perfect doves singing in harmony... pulling strings in theory, shooting arrows at unfolding hearts// watching the sparrows threw the trees, between the reflection of the moon and the stars// // above in the sky / / motion is seamless // sparkling waves of the blue soul...waiting for deep waters in waves of blue- She moves them all. The space between the sun and the stars// her waters cover mountains... moved by a song // they fell on star-dust as lucky as love The light cone moves them all // these blues // waves beyond any reason past the blue sky's from earth, past the stars that pierce my blue eyes... out past any darkness of infinities disguise now past uncertainty of waves of blue- adding songs to strings to waves to you... this light comes from within all these blues // waves beyond any reason... past the blue sky's from the ground... past the stars light- reflected in my eyes... as far as the soul reaches to the sky. The light cone will carry all your blues away with their blue waves. 'your a symphony floating on a breeze of my memory", willy porter...(blue light),(dish water blonde).
  2. Pin up girl by broken heart: She caught me surprise that day like a stranger on the side of the road. She pinned her heart up just the same way "looking for someone to hold, unconditional love for sale, looking for someone to stay". She writes down her dreams in a notebook, just in case love fades away. my heart was caught in a similar dream by a girl I use to know. Now she's pinned her heart on me// her house of rock n' roll. She never loved a man with wisdom before her hearts sister took her down the wrong roads, blisters and stones, it was a twister// Love has failed again...leaving only tears to the ground, and the fear of being alone, my heart is with her This feeling I also know...having no place to go, an empty bed with a pillow of stone nothing to hug, nothing to hold. I truly do miss her. I'll sing another song alone.
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