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  1. I have a pair of Red Zone tickets available for the 13 September show at the Ziggo Dome.
  2. Hi- I'm new to the forum here. I had no idea there was a U2 forum until a few days ago but I've been a fan since the Joshua Tree album. The last show I got to see was in 2009 in Tampa. I paid big $$ for the Red Zone and it was awesome. When I learned they were going on tour again, I jumped at getting a pair of Red Zone tickets but wanted to combine it with a little European vacation so I purchased a pair of Red Zone tickets back in December... for a concert nearly a year later hoping that nothing would stand in the way of going. Well, now it's 2 weeks away and I can't go. I purchased the tickets on Ticketmaster.NL for 270 Euros each, so after exchange rates it came to $719. I am not looking to make any sort of profit- just hoping to minimize my losses. I would like to offer them up to a true U2 fan that wants to go and have a fantastic experience before I go to eBay.The image of the ticket in this post is a slightly redacted screenshot of PDF, which I will email to the buyer. I open to recommendations and reasonable offers. Thanks
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