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  1. Thanks for all the info. Just so I can get this straight ...... Am in RZ tomorrow at Glasgow and dreading not being usual GA at the front. Can you join GA once you are in there and is it best to pick i or E stage and stay there or is there chance to move around without pissing people off ??
  2. Hoping you can advise me!! Am going to Glasgow tomorrow and have RZ tickets. My question is ....should I stay in there or get to rail on walkway for best view.malsomheard when they are at e stage you can't see a thing from RZ, so can you move around or is it best to stay put in RZ. Any help appreciated x
  3. Hoping someone is in Glasgow Red Zone today and help me. Have always done GA for twenty plus years and been front row but when tickets went on sale had just been diagnosed with cancer and knew I would only just be through chemo so bought RZ tickets. Am due at show tomorrow BUT am thinking to sack the RZ. And try and be at front , as I have heard poor reports about RZ and don't know if I will get to any other shows. Any inside info would be MUCH APPRECIATED xx
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