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  1. 2 minutes ago, dmway said:

    You know, these shows in Portugal and Spain have sounded really fantastic! The shows in Paris were blinders too!

    After an 8-day break, Denmark may not be able to handle how good they'll sound! :D


    Denmark is about to get some serious southern heat! If they were on fire before those shows, now I think they're ready to combust! 

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  2. One of the best performances of 'Bullet The Blue Sky' imho:


    Fun fact.. well not that fun but. I clapped my hands so hard that day on BTBS, that I actually dislocated my thumb  :blink:  :lol: had to get an ice pack right after show hahaha #StupidMe


    Only one hand on the bike?! Oh for god's sake Bono.... He's teasing us, ha!

    That smile though :) Not sure if I'm scared or happy to see him on a bike!

    Only one hand on the bike!? Now...he's just showing off!! :lol:  :wub:


    this one has been going round on social medias... Brilliantly put. Jeez Bono....  :lol:  :lol:


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