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  1. Talorian

    Rome New Date!

    Ok, thanks!
  2. Talorian

    Rome New Date!

    Do you know if there will be again a division between wires and red hill?
  3. Talorian

    Rome New Date!

    Just taken from Ticketone La nuova data: 16 luglio Roma, Stadio Olimpico Biglietti in vendita dalle ore 10 di lunedì 23 gennaio on line su TicketOne.it e tramite Call Center. Dalle ore 9 di mercoledì 18 gennaio alle ore 17 di venerdì 20 gennaio sarà attiva una presale riservata agli iscritti al Fan Club.
  4. Talorian

    Code not working

    Yes. Now it worked. Thanks
  5. Talorian

    Code not working

    Hi my code is not workink. I used it and initially I was able to but 4 tickets in my chart. But then the process interrupted. Now my code doesn't work anymore. What can I do?
  6. Talorian

    Rome - Prices

  7. Talorian

    Rome - Prices

    Hi, I'm in the wires club... I'd like to ask if anyone of you could tell me the prices of the different seats in The Stadio Olimpico of Rome. So I'll be prepared tomorrow and click quickly on the right seat. Thank you very very much!
  8. Talorian

    Rome URL?

    I found this annuncement about the italian presale on the website vivaticket : http://www.teleclubitalia.it/u2-concerto-roma-15-luglio-prevendita-vivaticket-prezzo-biglietto/1268270/