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  1. I know it doesn't fit in with the Experience theme, but I am not getting any younger and nor are the band. We may only get the chance to see them live again once or twice if we are lucky after this tour. Please please play Drowning Man. I heard U2 practice this at a stadium gig on Youtube and it sounded excellent, so go for it. Best U2 song ever and Adams as well I believe.
  2. Are they using the same stage set as Innocence this time round?
  3. Obviously funnier than you think if he can fill the Hydro for a month!
  4. The band are damned no matter what they do. Simple fact is, they cannot go everywhere, and I would suggest they try and book venues that will allow a reasonable catchment area without major expense. It costs peanuts to fly from Glasgow to Belfast for instance, and its about a 25 minute flight. I do agree though that scotland deserves a gig. Im in Belfast, but it was Scotland and Ireland mainly that got behind celtic lads like U2, Simple Minds, Big Country etc very early on. Personally, if I was in a band, I would be busting to get playing Ireland and Scotland, best fans anywhere.
  5. You NEVER know what U2 are capable of pulling out of the hat. They are on an upward curve again with their last couple of albums and the next one could be another classic. I hope they don't retire yet, I'm the same age as most of the band and I would like to thing the energy is still there for touring.
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