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  1. I wear all my of U2 concert shirts to bed, since I purchased my first one at zootv 92. Yankees Stadium. They get worn out but I love each & everyone of them. Vertigo 05 has been my staple for 14 years. These Edun made tees stand test if time. My new favorite that I won’t wear as Pjs is the “love is bigger than anything thing in its way” Tee from U2 ei2018 tour. Its a real Chic made tshirt great neckline & a flattering length! I wear it everywhere, especially to Yoga & let the U2 logo on the back inspire my fellow Yogis! Happy Anniversary to my favorite 4!! Thanks for giving me a great wardrobe!
  2. Soooooo excited to open my email just now saying the subscribers gift is coming soon!!! It's my son's Birthday today but I feel like I just opened the best present!! Miss the boys playing rock & roll. At dinner" Love is Bigger" was playing in the restaurant & I grabbed my son's hand and just felt all the love. It will be worth the wait
  3. Was a true highlight, very intimate & heartfelt.
  4. Call home to Ali, & the speeches, Dirty Day has been a great addition.
  5. Thanks to all the mixlr, periscope, streamers over this past year. It has been so wonderful being able to listen & watch the ei experience with my U2 Community from home or wherever I am at the time. Blessed are the ones who took their U2 concert time to share with their family around the world. I appreciated every moment of this year with you all. What will replace this U2 fix? Have a great time in Berlin!!
  6. Wishing all the Dublin going fans a great experience for these next 4 shows. Remembering being at Croke Park last summer with JT30 my first GA ever, was a dream come true. I will be listening, jumping dancing & crying along at home this time.
  7. Yes I need to revisit that, I have seen it but listening so clearly with mixlr in my ear and really hearing what he is saying- you learn a lot. Love hearing these concerts. There is always something new that I hear. Love it.
  8. During the speech before ONE last night Bono gave beautiful insight to what was going on with the band in Berlin as they kept fighting and couldn't agree etc etc - Then this song Happened - ONE- it's about them the four of them. I have been a fan for 30 years, how did I not know this. I thought it was maybe about Edge and Aislinn or a relationship gone bad or us as human beings, but never about them. When i heard them play the song after Bono revealed this i heard the ONE for the first time. It was a breathtaking version too. It has a whole new meaning for me now. Love it even more.
  9. Zoostation Stay .......... I am cleaning the house jumping around like I am there live with u2 and U.
  10. Listenng on mixlr cannot believe our beautiful Bono;s voice decided to give him a hard time. Carry him through U2, crew, fans my heart is breaking for everyone right now. U2 community you got this !!! he needs you
  11. thank you mixlr/U2 gigs & periscope peeps, was able to watch at times and then listen while running carpool, errands, cooking, cleaning and feeling like I was with you all in Berlin tonight. Dancing & jumping around my kitchen to Elevation and Vertigo, crying during Bono's anniversary speech to Ali & love is bigger and really hearing that groovy New Years Day beat. Red Flag Day & Summer of Love were great additions. Missed American Soul so powerful live, but get why it's not there. Brought me back to my NY MSG experience 2 months ago on the rail. Thanks for making the last 2 1/2 hours soooooo freaking amazing. Love this U2 community. Have a Beautiful Day Night Weekend!!! It's a Grand Madness.
  12. Thank You to U2, adding a second night to MSG back in Nov. when the fan club early release ticket issues had occurred with the first ticket sales. I struck gold with 2 GA's on MSG2 " All Because of our awesome Zootopia/U2.com moderators" for being persistent with our situation. I surprised my sister with a GA ticket as a Christmas present and the new U2 CD. Well on Tuesday 6/26/18 U2NYC2 we went from innocence to experience for the first time because it was our first show together as sisters, both of us got on the rail for the first time( it was her first GA ever) and stood at main stage ADAm/Bono crease of stage. We were in the top 20 for early GA entry. It was a dream come true meeting Adam outside of MSG. Nothing stopped it from being the best day ever. Sisters on the Rail with Bono,Adam, Edge and Larry right in front of us. My sister took some of the greatest pictures & video while I sang, screamed, jumped and cried my eyes out with tears of joy. She was so impressed with the U2 fans,family, line leaders and crew. I told her how awesome everyone is and our community did not disappoint. Love this Band, this experience and Thank You to U2 for the most theatrical rock concert. All Heart and Soul. My elbow is still bruised from the rail, my calf is cramped from jumping and my voice is hoarse from dreaming out loud. Hearing Landlady spoken as a poem was the highlight knowing Ali was in the house. Love is Bigger......
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