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  1. My journaling helped me work through an issue...helps me to write it out!
  2. Very frustrating, I know! You'll find 'em! ?
  3. 42 741 - Good morning everyone! Cuppa #2 before heading out soon!
  4. 42 725 - Onward we GO >>> good morning! ♥️
  5. 42 724 - Good evening! Humanity, Don't cha love it?
  7. 42 716 - Good morning one and all! I am finding a Stillness in me even as those about me are in a swirl of strife...it IS a beautiful day! It is what I call DEFIANT PEACE in the midst of the perfect storm! Kinda like U2's defiant JOY!!
  8. I went on a creative excursion today, museum and a lunch out! FUN!
  9. 42 711 - Good evening on and all! I am enjoying a home created dinner tonight.... Presto Pesto Panko Chicken w/ a green salad and roasted potatoes. Simplicity is the word!
  10. 42 691 - Count at 11:42 AM. Good day to everyone!
  11. Great pics! Yours turned out nice...mine looks like a floating blob ! Thanks for posting.
  12. Looks like you are jumping right in...take it slow as you do, remember?
  13. 42 679 - 7:28 pm and all is well. Good night everyone!
  14. Oh no! I am so sorry.... God bless your heart today.
  15. 42 676 - Good morning...listening to the Water Boys as we head for totality in a few....
  16. 42 262 - Good morning, caz63! Glad to hear you enjoyed your meal!
  17. Went to a coffee shop today called On The Edge... I thought of him with a smile as I sipped my cuppa coffee.
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