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  1. Mine has now arrived in Ireland. Shoddy service, but got there in the end.
  2. dony69

    Coming from the U.S.

    Hawaii !!!!, Fancy doing a house swap?
  3. dony69

    When should the tickets be visible?

    I tweeted Tickermaster Customer Services and got this reply.
  4. dony69

    Wrong City!

    Seen them many times in Dublin, but the couple of times I've seen them in Belfast have always stood out for me. No hesitation opting for Belfast again this time.
  5. Really disappointed at this stage, my hope was to at least get these for Christmas. It's unfortunately not the 1st time I've been let down as the shop took 6 mths to send my purchases out after I bought them. I won't be renewing my sub until this is resolved.
  6. Hi, just curious to see if anyone has received their vinyls yet? BTW SOE is superb.