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    • seresere

      After Awards Chatter interview,
      Listening to U2's songs...
      Bono, I love your voice!
      Oh sing your song...
      I love U2!!
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    • paulcon05

      Rather surprised about Bono's comments about the U2 name and he's embarrassed how they sound. Come on man, at the gigs you thank us for our support.
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    • Clemdog

      Listening to the Awards Chatter podcast and taken a bit back in the metaphorical way Bono talks about faith rather than just blurting out... Hey, it's about mirroring Jesus. That's what we're about...  But, I guess I get it as it's always been a bit that way but at least we know where to look...in the lyrics... 
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    • JamesMcGreevy

      I was hoping to be able to buy the tour tshirt from Europe, rather the Dublin Zoo Tv tour in 93/94. Anyone any ideas?
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    • PAISTEcrash

      Hi guys
      been a fan for 36 years and a big Bono fan as I believe he has a great heart and goes above and beyond to make a hedge difference 
      Why B ya make that ridiculous comment that your embarrassed by you songs and voice , that is ridiculous 
      I bet Larry will give you a well deserved boot in the hole the next time he sees ya 
      I’m scarlet for ya brother 
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    • Manohlive

      Google Betty White today. (Jan17)  There'd something cool and quite sweet when you do.   
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    • VacantLot

      Celebrated my birthday last week here in Seattle.  The day I thought was never coming arrived.  I am finally home!  
      I've been waiting to get home a long time! 
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