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An Open Letter to Principle Mgmt Re Giants Stadium Date Change


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I have been a loyal fan for nearly 30 years and while I am only moderately inconvenienced by the date change of the Sept 25th Giants Stadium show, I amprofoundly disillusioned by the detached and rather callous tone of the press release & announcement posted on this site. Where is the heartfelt apologyand true recognition of the impact that this change will have on the many fans who have purchased non-refundable airline tickets, nonrefundable hotel rooms andyes even paid brokers fees and now can't go to the show? Perhaps this change was unavoidable but there are many unanswered questions that would go a longway towards alleviating the hurt and anger many fans have voiced on this board: Why is this happening now when these issues have been known for months?Specifically, why is it that additional manpower cannot make up the 3 hour time change for breaking down the stage? Finally, why can't the show startearlier and perhaps without an opening act that night????? Your press release fails to demonstrate that every effort was made to avoid this date change and asa result fans feel taken for granted & utterly disrespected.

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