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Has U2 read our threads?....setlist change request.


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Noticed that the Boston II setlist has changed w/Magnificent as the opener. Snippets of Stories For Boys and Mofo in the mix. Breathe not being played for the 1st time this tour.....Now, if only they can open up the encore w/Breathe, but keep Ultraviolet, and drop Elevation, Stuck In A Moment, MLK, Mysterious Ways and Still Haven't Found...(Ok...leave Beautiful Day in there, since it has a cool intro)....and add Drowning Man (what ever happened to that?), God II, Mofo, Seconds and Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. Now that wouldn't be too hard...(all the settings for these songs are already stored on their sound consoles...Jo just has to recall them!)

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i was think about i still havent found, today it still is a killer song live, the stadium is filled with that chorus and translates better than with or without you. it should be kept in the set. mysterious ways is a belter of a song and should be kept too. i was really pleased they played it when i saw them at cardiff and it was brilliant to hear live. seeing as they hadnt played it when i saw them on the previous 2 tours live. MLK was just simply powerful live with the masks and the images on the screen too.


if your talking about dropping songs, i cant see why city of blinding lights gets a play on a nightly basis and songs like until the end of the world gets a suprise nod here and there.

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I am sad to see Breathe go (at least even once). I reckon No Line could open the set, but Breathe should finish the show off on a high after the piano peice of October leading into White as Snow or something.


City of Blinding Lights is awesome, but should be rotated sometimes.


It's a shock to see Pride no longer a staple, but it doesn't feel missed for some reason, probably because it's time to move on. They need something like Heartland or Exit. I'm still waiting to hear Drowning Man.

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God II is great live, especially the drum beats...don't know why they've never played this since the Lovetown Tour. Follow that w/Acrobat, HMTMKMKM, Stand Up Comedy would just bring the house down! Your Blue Room, MLK, Stay and Unknown Caller just loses the momentum. With a stadium venue, they just need to rock it out!

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I think it's a good move starting with Magnificent - I've been saying all along they should open with this. Breathe would be good as first song in the encore. I would like to see them give the alternative version of NLOTH a guernsey as that's got more energy and drive than the album version (they also don't recycle the riff from The Fly in it either).


I was kinda expecting Stand Up to make its appearance on the American leg, but it seems it's not going to happen. The lyrics to the song are quite lame but it's one of the funkiest riffs Edge has ever played.


Mysterious Ways should stay in the set - I'd like to see them alternate between playing Ultra Violet or Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses some nights. Stay, HMTMKMKM and something from Pop (perhaps Do You Feel Loved or Mofo) should be appearing.


Elevation is the most fun rock song they've recorded this decade and it should stay in the set - I wouldn't be sad to see City of Blinding Lights go.


I'd like With or Without You dropped from the set - the only thing from JT should be Streets. They don't need to play ISHFWILF if they insist on playing MOS - covers the same territory.


I'd like the following setlist - this way they'd at least play something from every album:


1. Magnificent

2. Stand Up

3. No Line on the Horizon (alternative version)

4. Beautiful Day

5. Mysterious Ways

6. Who's Gonna Ride your wild horses? or Ultra Violet

7. Get on your boots

8. New Years Day

9. One

10. October or Tomorrow


12. Vertigo

13. Mofo or Discotheque

14. Stay

15. Sunday Bloody Sunday

16. Pride

17. Where the streets have no name

18. Bad


Encore (Fez-Being Born played over PA with accompanying visuals)

19. Breathe

20. Out of Control or The Electric Co

21. Elevation

22. All I want is you

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Fortitude....great setlist!

Here's mine:



2. Boots

3. Magnificent

4. Mysterious Ways

5. God II



8. Mofo

9. Stand Up Comedy

10. Drowning Man

11. Beautiful Day

12. I'll Go Crazy (Album Version)

13. The Unforgettable Fire

14. Sunday Bloody Sunday

15. Vertigo

16. Acrobat

17. Bad

18. One

19. Tomorrow

20. Streets




21. Breathe

22. Ultraviolet

23. Moment Of Surrender


This would bring the house down!!

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