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Words in rithme and not only...


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Handing a feeling


Handing a feeling

through a microscope

calling a name loud

it could be yours

saving some lines

hopefully you do not define

i share a sight as

in the Gulliver's


Hiding a picture

You'll never hide

High high

is it your own climb?

Is it your own flight?

Staying by your side

holding all that inside

Is it your own climb?

Is it your own flight?

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Seems so far....


See-ms like

an unique sound

the sound


in the la-nd



at the end

of this day/



the labour/

hard was

the day drea-ming/

only for a wh-ile/

this silence



by a pealing/


so far/

see-ms so far/

and it is not/

in this day/


like yesterday/

and tomorrow

it is just

another day/

to be alive

as i know/

as i ever knew/


like an unique sound/

an uni-son/

the pealing

from the far/

and it is not/

in thi-s day/


like yester-day

and tomorrow/

it is another

day to live


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Sometimes joy comes out



Sometimes joy comes out.


Beauty is great

in nature

the girl tries to catch

a breath of life


The beauty is in 


this girl is sad 

never smiles

and never cries



in a co-coon

she stands

and listens to

voices outside


Beauty is in 


joy is hidden

in a small


in her soul


Beauty is in 


joy is

in his eyes

she needs them to

go out

of the beloved cocoon/

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 it brings to me an emotion

it brings a pure and simple question


inside of me

green and blue this wide sea

it is a wonder to me

my eyes 

imagine what moves under

the deep

and live for a moment

this inner's experience

free of any daily interruption

or fear of absurdity


 it brings to me

the emotion

to live for the eternity


 a sense

it cannot be understood


 by any  human being


i feel it inside of


the emotion to live

for the eternity

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The House Part.V........ Shaun intervenes........


Rehearsals last four hours at the 'Smart', Carol has tried and tried the

songs, but something is not coming out in the proper mood.


At eight o'clock, Mathilde, Luke , and Carol left the pub to get home.


Zak have taken agreements with Luke and he is in word to come around


10:30 p.m.. The Captain has left the pub too and promised to be back


around 10:00 p.m.


Everything is okay, but Carol is mute.


For all the trip to home, Carol doesn't say a word.


Mathilde and Luke are talking about a trip to do together in Paris for at


least four days before the tour of ' Peak of the hill' starts.


They are crossing the gate now and Carol exclaims :' Shaun',


he pronounces his name as if it was an oasis.


He stands in front of the door of the House, smoking a cigarette, he


is very quiet.


They get out of the car and Carol runs towards Shaun and embraces




' Hey, what's on?' Shaun asks , visibly surprised of the reaction of


Carol. I phoned to you many a time, but no one answered.'


Carol explains to him that they were out at the ' Smart' to do intensive


rehearsals for the show of the night.


Luke and Mathilde have get into the house in the meantime, after having


invited them to go in too.


Luke says : ' Shaun, Carol has to prepare herself.'


Shaun asks .' To go out with me?'


Luke answers:' No, no, uh uh, she will tell you'


Shaun launches a glaze to Luke that lets no doubt, but it is better to


not enter in details.


Carol and Shaun sit down on the bench outside in the garden and


stay in silence for a while, holding their hands, they are so close


and Shaun has a clue that Carol have worked a lot at the 'Smart',


probably sweated a bunch and even drunk!


Then Shaun asks:' What are you doing?'


Carol answers quickly :' Zak wanted a singer to do the show tonight,


Luke thought of me and asked me this afternoon, i was in my music


room. I said yes, but.....'


Shaun asks again . But?'


Carol hardly retains a sob :' It is not for me! No, i do not want to sing


in public, i love writing my songs in my room, but i do not feel ready


to sing as vocalist. And in this way, only Zak and me!'


Shaun looks at the sky for a while and asks :' Have you drunk?'


Carol answers :' Yes , only beers, ten.


Shaun looks at her with wide open eyes.' Ten beers????Have you


eaten? And Luke where was he?'


Carol answers at a low voice :' I have not eaten, Luke hasn't seen me,


i went to the bathroom.'


Shaun sighs and asks her gently.' Have you faith in me?'


Carol answers, looking at the ground:' Yes.'


Shaun smiles to her out of the blue and says:' And then, here i am!


No problem, Zak needs a singer, here i am! I haven't previewed this


exhibition, but it is all right to me, what have i to do?


Carol explains him the idea of Luke.


Shaun comments :' Uh what an idea, Carol do you imagine when


Luke sees me jumping upon the stage instead of you?'


' Yes, cool!'


' Okay.' Shaun says and asks her :' Tell me the songs you sang all


this afternoon, i have to prepare myself a bit, it will be a night of


fun and you come with me of course!'




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The House PartV.  ....Is this that i have to do ?.....


Luke is explaining his idea to Zak and Carol that are hearing carefully.


' You, Carol, you will be in between the public, Zak will jump to the stage


at the conveyed hour, he will present himself to the audience and after that


he will ask who wants to come on the stage with him and sing as vocalist.


You, Carol, you will offer yourselves immediately and then the show will




Carol is without words as first reaction Zak finds this idea extremely




After this first moment in which Carol seems to be voyaging in the empty


space, she refers her doubts:


' And if i am not the first to answer?'


' You have to be the first! You will stay in the front row, ready,


as soon as you hears the question, you will raise up your hand or


run directly upon the stage, do what you feel in that moment , but


you have to be asbolutely the first!'


Carol have lost part of her enthusiasm, in fact she is toying with the


sheet in her hands , then she adds:' Well consider the same the fact


that i could not be the first to answer.'


Luke makes a big smile and tells her without any esitation :


It will be ok the same, i would say a bit thrilling, in any case


you could be the second, uh uh!'


Carol understands that Luke is irremovable and says:


Okay, Zak what do you think?'


' I think we will start with the rehearsals, we can do it!'


The Captain has reached them in the meantime and asks if he can do


something to help:' Yes Butler, we need you at the mixer, we must


find the right level for Carol!'


' It is all right to me!'


Carol sits down on a stool next to Zak with all the sheets of the lyrics


of the songs they are going to rehearse.


Microphone on her hand, Carol starts checking the voice:


' Oh oh oh, la la la la du du du du'


Luke and the Captain move at the mixer and Luke asks where Grace


and Sunny are.


' They have left for a sudden meeting with the manager and the members


of the other band, it seems that a problem has come out, something regarding


the singer, Grace is confident to solve everything in a positive way.'


' I am sure that everything will be allright if Grace intervenes'


The Captain Butler has no doubt too:' Yes, of course, Grace is a fantastic


woman , she knows how to talk to her artists!'


And Mathilde reaches them and aks Luke:' What do you think if we organize


an hour of music with a disk jokey after the show of Carol and Zak?'


Tony had an experience of doing that in some discoteques some time ago!'


Luke embraces her and answers: I think this is a good idea, yes!'


And rehearsals begins with the chorus of Zak and Carol singing :


She loves you yeah yeah yeah, She loves you yeah yeah yeah, she loves


you yeah yeah yeah yeah.. And Carol making her debut with ' You think


you ve lost your love....'

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The House Part.V. .....Luke has an idea.....


It is four o' clock in the afternoon, Luke and Carol are taking the car from the


garage , ready to reach Zak at the 'Smart'.


While Luke is driving and making his path to arrive at the pub, an idea makes


the light in his mind.


Carol seems to be quiet at the moment, she knows that they have to agree


together what to do.


Carol looks the landscape outside the window and admiring houses, people,


things and nature she feels a sort of nostalgia, so she prefers changing two


words with Luke.


' Do you like my shirt luke?'


' Of course, Carol did you do it for yourselves?


Carol touches the fabric and answers : yes, sure, this is the unique exemplar!'


' uh uh' Luke comments and shakes his head.


' Carol i have an idea, as soon as we arrive i tell you what i want to


do for tonight.'


' You can anticipate it to me first.'. Carol answers.


' A moment Carol, now we are in front of the 'Smart', i look for a parking.'


So he does and he finds one next to the pub.


Carol and Luke get down of the car and they walk towards the entrance of


the pub.


' Heilà Luke, Carol!'


Luke is very surprised to find the Captain at the pub and working at


the mixer.


' You know it is a day of holiday, so i decided to come here and have a beer


and i ve helped Tony to do something.'


Luke thanks him and adds:' You are welcome Captain and thank you at


the moment, where is Zak?'


The Captain points the finger towards the stage, Luke notices Mathilde too.


She is adjusting some lamps.


Carol and Luke get to the stage and Zak stands up and greets them.


' Here we are, Carol is the singer tonight.' But i have an idea.


First , which songs are you going to play?


Zak smiles to Carol and says :' Very good, now we are going to do


rehearsals. I thought of six cover songs, here it is the list, take a look


Carol, do you like them? But first of all do you know them?'


Carol takes the sheet and read in silence. A small smile with sealed


lips appears on her face, she starts talking in a colourful mood, gesticulating


sometimes and she refers Zak :' Yes, beautiful songs, i like them!


Where is the microphone?' i want to start immediately, and


the lyrics ? I need to read them back!'


Zak is surprised of such a temperament, he looks for something


in a bag and the lyrics come out of it.


' Here they are.' And he sits down on a stool, Luke is giving some instructions


to the Captain in the meanwhile and when he has finished he is ready to


tell his idea.


Okay, guys, i see that you have already begun, so listen to me !'



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The House Part.V.  ....Here it is the Cd......




Sunny and Shaun are finding a place in the parking and a third car crosses the gate quickly.

It is Jeff's car. He is arrived alone at the appointment.

Grace, the Captain and Sunny get down of the car and after a while Miss. Whitecross and Mr.Guildfire. Almost the same time Shaun, Pete and Ryan do, then Jeff joins the others.

They show very excited to hear the new album, Shaun today is very handsome and fascinating, wearing a sleeveless red shirt and a pair of leather brown pants.

Pete is very fascinating wearing a shirt and trousers in denim, smiling and greeting Grace,

the Captain, Sunny, Miss Whitecross and Mr. Guildfire.

Ryan is brilliant as always dressed in a fringed leather vest and in black fabric trousers.

However he is almost in a state of anxiety because of the hearing of the album.

Jeff greets everyone and his face has a very tight expression.

He wears a pair of denim trousers and a black shirt.

After a brief conversation Grace invites the others to get into the house.

Luke is at the door and waiting for them all.

Shaun runs towards him and passing next to him asks softly :' Carol?'

Luke gives a pat on his shoulder and answers : ' She arrives soon'.

After that everyone is inside the house, Luke invites them to take place.

Grace stands now in the center of the room , holding the new cd

and showing it to everyone with a raised hand.

Then she speaks :' Here we are, here it is the record, are you ready?

'Yes' it is the answer in chorus.

' Okay, this is your work, this is our work, i am proud to annouce you

in advance that this is one of the best cd that i ve ever heard.Let's proceed.

Sunny here it is the cd, put it on.'

Some moments of silence in which Ryan becomes serious.

As soon as the first track sounds in the air, all rise in feet and clap


Grace approves, moving the head in affirmation.

Carol enters the room. She sits down next to Luke. Shaun greets her

with his hand and doesn't realize that Pete's face is whitened.

Listening to the cd is silent, however, Grace intervenes saying

that some adjustements have been made in recording room recently.

Jeff is nervous and rubs his hands.

Luke smiles satisfied.

When the last track is finished, an applause echoed in the air and fades


Grace takes the word : ' Okay, we are all agree, comments?'

Pete raises his hand, Grace invites him to express himself :

' The cd is beautiful, reliesed in full, but i have to say that as regards the drumming

parts, i would have excpected more, especially in some songs that i felt

inside particularly.'

Grace notes his comment on the agenda.

' Other comments?'

Shaun raises his hand :' I am just curious to do rehearsals!'

' Yes!' Grace tells them :' Yes and this is what i am going to talk about,

the tour we are going to realize!'

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The House Part.V.  .....Talking about tour's project....


Grace still stands in the centre of the room and now she is asking Sunny to take out


the map from the black and white bag.


Sunny is very serious and obeys without looking at the other guys sit around.


'Please open it and lie it on the floor. Let's come nearer.'


So she makes the sign to the presents to come next to her and they do, they


stay in circle just now, looking down at the map.


Grace asks the Captain to take her a long stick.


' So, here we are, thirdy dates are in store! We have the first date in preview


in fifteen days, we are going to cover all this area, okay?'


Jeff gives his approval and raises up the hand :' I have a question, can we


know something in particular about the places we are going to play?'


Grace answers to him smiling :' Of course, here it is the list of the places .


It was prepared by Mr. Whitecross, we have any information as regards


the location, the places in itself and Luke has in his hands everything he


needs to know. Is it enough Jeff?'


' Yes, thank you Grace.'


Pete has a question too and raises up his hand :' how are we going to


move ?'


' Yes, Pete, right question, we are going to move in three vans.'


One is for you ,the other two for all the stuff , equipments and technicians,


and we have a new light equipment , very sofisticated !'


Ryan looks at Shaun who says :' Okay, this is only the beginning,


i think it is better that we do start rehearsals soon!'


Grace asks Sunny to pick up the map and to put it away.


' Yes ! and i am confident that you will give the best as always!'


During all this time, Pete often looks at Carol and at a certain point Shaun


has followed the direction of his glaze and discovered who was the cause


of his distraction.


So sometimes it happened that he gave him a pat with the elbow or a small


kick in a leg and Pete says at a certain point :' why are you moving


in this way? It is the second time you hit me!'


' Adrenalin Pete, adrenalin i am getting into the spirit of the tour!'

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La Casa parte V. ....Shaun and Luke parlano a quattr'occhi....



Nella Casa si è creata un'atmosfera elettrica, Grace con tutto il suo entusiasmo


ha trasmesso una carica positiva e propulsiva ai ragazzi della band e anche Carol


ne è contagiata tanto che non appena Grace ha finito il suo discorso si è alzata in


piedi e visibilmente emozionata ha espresso la sua gioia con queste parole :


Shaun, Pete, Jeff, Ryan sono così contenta per voi, sono sicura che questo secondo


tour vi regalerà esperienze preziose!'


Luca accanto a lei non ha potuto fare altro che confermare applaudendo, Shaun invece


che non aveva ancora sentito parlare Carol per tutta la durata della riunione, non appena


udita la sua voce, così chiara e un poco da bambina in verità, si sente preso dal suo


inconfondibile ardore e fa per alzarsi in piedi e correrle incontro, ma Pete svelto di occhio


e di riflessi, mette avanti un piede cautamente e Shaun finisce a terra lungo disteso.


Grace per un attimo assume un atteggiamento di distaccata disapprovazione in quanto


Sunny per primo, poi Ryan, Jeff e lo stesso Pete si stanno trattendendo a fatica dal


ridere senza ritegno e data l'elettricità che si era creata poco prima è facile intuire in


che modo.


Shaun aiutato dal Capitano Butler a rialzarsi , non si lascia affatto demoralizzare e


per prima cosa chiede a Pete : Ma proprio adesso dovevi muoverti?


Pete con una aria del tutto innocente risponde : Sai, è l'adrenalina, sto entrando


anche io nello spirito del tour!'


'Okay, okay ragazzi, Shaun tutto a posto?' Grace domanda a Shaun delicatemente


e con premura.


'Certo Grace, grazie tutto a posto.'


'Benissimo, io andrei ora, ho lasciato tutti i documenti a Luca che li esaminerà


e al più presto ci sentiremo per telefono in caso di qualche dubbio, che sono


certa non ci saranno.'


Detto questo Grace si prepara a lasciare la casa con al seguito Sunny , che velocemente


è riuscito a scambiare due parole con Carol per quanto riguarda la registrazione che


andranno a fare.


Mr. Guildfire che non ha parlato molto si accinge a congedarsi da tutti i presenti


e Jeff a un certo punto dice a Ryan :' Bene, io ne ho abbastanza, cioè io ho


abbastanza impegni per oggi e dovrei andare a prendere mia madre dal parrucchiere


per cui, vado, ci sentiamo al telefono per le prove.'


Shaun che non fa altro che seguire Carol nei suoi spostamenti, ma non proferisce


parola, gli dà l'okay con un segno della mano, Pete lo saluta frettoloso, ora è


innervosito perchè Carol non lo degna di uno sguardo.


Miss Whitecross si avvicina tranquilla a jeff e gli chiede educatemente : Jeff


puoi darmi un passaggio, prima sono venuta in furgone con Missrs. Grace


e gli altri.'


' Certo Rosalyn con piacere.' Gli risponde Jeff sorridente.


' Sai, volevo parlarti anche del disco e come sono riuscita a superare certi




'Ecco proprio di quello volevo parlare con te, mi hai letto nel pensiero.'


Ed è così che anche Jeff e Miss Rosalyn lasciano la casa. Pete e Ryan


hanno deciso di andare via insieme.


Luca e Shaun rimangono nel soggiorno e Carol va in cucina a preparare


un caffè a Luca.


' Dobbiamo parlare Shaun.'


Shaun lo guarda sorpreso mentre cerca un cioccolatino in un soprammobile


sopra al tavolino di fronte al sofà.


' va bene.' Shaun gli risponde.


' Andiamo nel mio studio allora.'


Shaun e Luca escono dal soggiorno per andare nello studio di Luca, Carol


non si accorge di nulla.

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