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U2 is my favorite band in the universe.....Having said that.....I just bought NO LINE ON THE HOR I ZON and Iam sad to say...it is the most depressing piece of work U2 has ever put out.

Bono's amazing vocals are barely recognizable and almost non-existent compared to thier other albums.It's almost like he was moaning the whole album, depressing really.

Where are the searing guitar licks and solos....the big drums....what happened?


I am very disappointed. I could not wait to buy this CD. It's nothing even close to what I anticipated itto be.

I miss the raw passion and the hard edge that U2 is known for.

This album does not really have any of that.

I know there are those who will disagree because U2 can do no wrong....after all …they are probably the bestand most famous rock band ever to be, but that does not mean everything they do is going to be automatically great.

This new CD just sounds asleep to me. I don't get it at all. It lacks of passion and feels empty.

Sorry guys.....anyway you are still the best rock band on the planet in spite of this.

Thank you for all the years of great music and inspiration.


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I suppose if you want more straight forward rock and roll then HTDAAB is going to be more to your taste. Personally I love the new album, and welcome thereturn of some of the more atmospheric touches.


However I would also recommend playing it loud, because some of those tracks really do rock if you give them the chance, even if there isn't a real rawnessto the sound.

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I think what it is...it's that a lot of U2's previous work had more emotion and at the same time that raw edginess that seems to be missing here. Iwill go back and give it another listen....louder...if my speakers can take it any louder.


I mean....you KNOW right away what that sound is when you play the Rattle & Hum or Joshua Tree albums, and BONO's voice and lyrics are soooo powerfulon that material. The new CD makes me feel like maybe someone in the band is going through a divorce or something.

What is even worse I just read the notes for the follow-up album for No Line, and they are saying it's gonna be even more mellow and meditational.....WHAT?

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Hi Phil. So sorry you do not like the album...try a few more listens, though, you might change your mind :)


I already wrote this next bit in another thread, but since you are also talking about the album being "asleep," (which others have said, as well) Iwant to re-post it here, because I have a different take on the "sleepiness" :



"I completely understand where those who do not like this album are coming from. They are right in some ways when they speak of these songs as"sleeping music."


For me, however, it is a very restless and fitful sleep, and a rockin' sleep, filled with dreams that are fairly deep and multi-layered. One posterexpressed earlier today disappointment that there is no "grit" in the songs- I think there is "grit," but it is less coarse than in thepast; it is more polished and refined so that rather than leaving dirty surface abrasions, it cuts deeper lacerations. And yet somehow there still manages tobe something extremely sexy and joyful and sensual about the cutting, without it feeling like masochism, too much ( the wire and horses line may be wanderinginto this territory just a bit... ). And there is joy and the promise of joy and of renewal.


I remain a fan of this album. I still love it. "

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