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NO GEOGRAPHIC RESTRICTIONS ON U2/YOUTUBE Concert, can watch from anywhere


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[quote name='electricco wrote:

Kristaps wrote:

HospiceChaplain']please play 40 at rose bowl for you tube forever memory!!

They won't. THey haven't played it this tour, so they will not play it this time for a show that will be made in a DVD.


Moment Of Surrender Rocks ! ! ! 


At the moment of surrender

Of vision of over visibility

I did not notice the passers-by

And they did not notice me wink.gif

Yup! I think it fits better as a closing song than anywhere else in the set. Sure, 40 would rock my socks as a closing song.... but this isn't that bad.
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Sooooo how many of us fans are getting nervous about streaming capabilities?

i for one just know that if my computer glitches out on this momentous occasion

i WILL crash it through the window,(grrrr)

I'm very nervous about Youtube crashing tonight from overload.  Instead of screams of joy and my awful voice singing along my family and neighbors will hear blood curdling screams and furniture being thrown about if it crashes.
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