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U2 took "unforgettable" trip to castle for '84 album - Oct 26 Yahoo UK


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U2 took "unforgettable" trip to castle for '84 album

1 hour 24 mins ago

WhenU2 producer Danny Lanois and the band made "The Unforgettable Fire" in1984, they recorded it at an Irish castle because they wanted a placewith history, which Lanois said suited him just fine.

Thealbum, which will be re-released on Tuesday in a remastered 25thanniversary edition, marked the first time U2 worked with Brian Eno andLanois, two producers who would collaborate with the band several timesmore, and not always in a conventional studio setting.

Beforearriving at Ireland's Slane Castle, an 18th Century structureoverlooking the River Boyne, the Canadian-born Lanois had recorded inunusual places and he was ready to lend that expertise to U2 and itssinger Bono.

"Bono was looking for a different kind of location,a building that had ghosts in the walls and some kind of a sense ofhistory," Lanois told Reuters. "So that we weren't just in an emptymodern warehouse, that we were actually feeling the presence ofgoings-on from the past," he said.

Over the years, themulti-instrumentalist Lanois has worked everywhere from an excavatedMexican mountaintop to a Victorian mansion in New Orleans, and he saidhe likes to record in unusual settings because it fosters creativity.

ForU2's latest album, the current "No Line on the Horizon," the pairhelped produce sessions in a Moroccan "riad," an interior garden opento the sky.

"We enter a location with a sound in mind," Lanois said.

Inthe case of "Unforgettable Fire," Lanois initially thought SlaneCastle's ballroom would be an ideal place to record but found it wastoo large. So, the band moved to a library where they were surroundedby books, which was more compact and offered better sound quality.

Inthe end, Lanois found that having the entire band living in the castletogether during the recording helped foster a certain camaraderie. "Thebest part of it is that everyone was living there," (in the castle),Lanois said.

"In the end, the dedication and the commitment thattook us to the locale is probably the thing that's going to get underpeople's skins," he said.

"The Unforgettable Fire" featured thehit single "Pride (In the Name of Love)" and other songs like "Bad" and"A Sort of Homecoming." The re-released version out Tuesday willinclude two previously unheard tracks from the Slane Castle sessions,"Yoshino Blossom" and "Disappearing Act."

(Editing by Bob Tourtellotte)

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