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I would like U2 to give us their fans a gift of "A supporting act by Yes, you know who, The Rolling Stones". Mix the worldy Rolling stones, U2 with the visible and invisble Sphere that is U2.  It would be a "Big Bang" kind of energy wave that would hit us all, wow, extremely exciting just to think of it.  The Moguls unite with their fans, they come out for us, we go out to them. How exiciting is that my zootopian friends. Mick and Bono, Larry, Edge and Adam, in fact, I would love to feel the alteration in the energy when Mick's energy mingles with U2's energy, more power to you Rolling Stone & U2.




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I say dump Snow Patrol and Black Eyed Peas, maybe keep Muse


I'd Love to see Arcade Fire open for them again, but preferably Flogging Molly. Flogging Molly would be great I think cause they'd fire up the crowd for Bono like no other.


I've heard Airborne Toxic Event rumored a few times as well as MGMT and Pheonix. Now those last two I have a little difficulty believing. Jay-Z would be something to see, they could even bring him out again for Sunday Bloody Sunday. But with this possibly being their last tour for a very, very long time, why not pull out an all star opening Act. Get Coldplay, Bruce and R.E.M. to each take a block of shows. Bruce a long time friend of the band, R.E.M. the parrellel of U2 on a more alternative side and Coldplay which have reached the potential to become the U2 of their day.


But undoubtedly having the boys play for 3 hours straight would be the best

I would take R.E.M. - good call

Maybe if we can get enough people to demand for U2 to do 3 hours, the Bhoys will take notice and will do a 3 hour set!!

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